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Chromosome (2n) Numbers of Different Flower Plants

Chromosome Number (2n) of Different Flower & Ornamental Plants

In this post, “Chromosome Numbers (2n) of Different Flower & Ornamental Plants“, we will know about the chromosome numbers or 2n numbers of some important flowers and ornamental plants in India.


From previous post -“Chromosome is a threaded (thread like) structure. These are found inside the nucleus of plant cells”.

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Chromosome number

Chromosome number of a plant species is the number of chromosomes assigned to that particular species of plant.

Index: Different Flower-plants and their chromosome numbers

Name of flower plantScientific nameFamily2nRemarks
AgeratumAgeratum corymbosumAsteraceae20
AlstroemeriaAlstroemeria pelegriaAlstroemeriaceae16
AmaryllisAmaryllis belladonaAmarylliaceae22
AsterAster app.Asteraceae18 2n = 18 (Diploid),
2n = 36 (Tetraploid)
BegoniaBegonia obliquaBegoniaceae2n ranhes from 16 – 156
CalendulaCalendula arvensisAsteraceae2n = 142n = officinalis)
Calla lilyZantedeschia aethiopicaAraceae32
CandytuftIberis spp.Brassicaceae14, 18
CarnationDianthus caryophyllusCaryophyllaceae30
ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum indicumAsteraceae2n = 1810x = 90
CosmosCosmos bipinnatusAsteraceae24
DaffodilNarcissus poeticasAmaryllidaceae28
DahliaDahlia pinnata Cav.Asteraceae64Garden dahlia
GardeniaGardenia spp.Rubiaceae22
GeraniumPelargonium hirsutum SolGeraniaceae22, 44, 66
HollyhockAlcea spp. LMalvaceae42A. rosea
IrisIris germanicaIridaceae12, 44, 48
IxoraIxora coccinea L.Rubiaceae22
JasmineJasminum officinaleOleaceae16
LotusNilumbo nuciferaNelumbonaceae12, 242n = 12 (diploid), 2n = 24 (tetra blood)
MarigoldTagetes spp.Asteraceae24, 48African, French
OrchidOrchis tourn ex L.Orchidaceae28, 36, 46, 48Terrestrial
PetuniaPetunia spp.Solanaceae148x = 56, aneuploidy is rare.
RoseRosa spp.Rosaceae2n = 14
TuberoseAgave amicaAsparagaceae60
TulipTulipa gesnerianaLiliaceae24
VerbenaVerbena officinalis L.Verbenaceae10, 30
Water lilyNymphaea nouchaliNymphaeaceae28
ZinniaZinnia elegansAsteraceae24

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