About Nimbostratus Cloud

Nimbostratus Cloud

Nimbo = Rain.
Status = Layer.

Cloud forming a thick uniform grey layer at low altitude, from which rain or snow often falls (without any lightning or thunder).

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Question 01: What is Nimbostratus?

Nimbostratus is a multi level low altitude cloud which is known for producing rain.

Question 02: How to identify a Nimbostratus cloud?

It is very simple:

  • You will see it during Monsoon.
  • It will appear as a dark cloud.
  • It will not produce any thunderstorm.
  • Mostly covers entire local sky.

Question 03: What are the major characteristics of a Nimbostratus Cloud?

The characteristics f a nimbostratus clouds are as follows:

  1. It is a dark cloud.
  2. The cloud is dense.
  3. It appears in multiple levels.
  4. The cloud is known for producing continuous rain.
  5. It doesn’t produce thunderstorm of hailstorm.
  6. A thin layered Nimbostratus may rain for a many hours in a day.

Question 04: Which cloud is similar to Nimbostratus?

Cu_mulonimbus is similar to Nimbostratus, because it also cause rain. Although, it is a vertical cloud which also produces cyclone, thunderstorm, hailstorm and and other weather phenomena.

Question 05: How are nimbostratus clouds formed?

The formation of this cloud is very simple.

  • Evaporation.
  • Warm front.
  • Cyclone.


Water evaporates > Vapor travels to upward > water condensing occurs > rain occurs

Warm front

Low pressure area creates during summer > the moisture rich air from high pressure area (ocean) travels to fill this gap > air travel to upward > air condensing occurs > rain occurs.

Cyclone or occluded front

  • Nimbostratus forms due to cyclogenesis.

Question 06: What are the importance of these clouds?

It is the backbone of agriculture for a country like India and Bangladesh.

Question 07: What are other low level clouds?

Nimbostratus is a low level cloud, the other low level clouds are as follows:

  • Stratus cloud.
  • Cu_mulus cloud.

Question 08: Can we see Nimbostratus during winter months?

  • Yes, and with returning Monsoon.

Question 09: How does nimbostratus forms, vertically or horizontally?

  • Like cu_mulonimbus, It is formed vertically.

Question 10: What is the altitude of this cloud?

  • The altitude of Nimbostratus is 500 – 5,500 m.

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