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Agricultural Finance One Liner and answer key

Agricultural finance and cooperation

Answer key

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Explanation 01-10

01: We need agricultural finance due to capital intensive agricultural technologies.

02: The following credit agencies provide credit in rural areas:

  • Organised credit agencies.
  • Unorganised credit agencies.

03: Necessities of agricultural finance

  • Farmers economic condition is subject to frequent onslaught of natural disasters such as drought, flood, heavy, etc.
  • The scope for extensive agriculture in India is limited.
  • Use of advanced technologies in agriculture.
  • Regular need of raw materials.

04: Due to lack of knowledge, farmers are not aware of credit policies and procedures.

05: Subsistence farming is the base of the purchasing power of a small farmer.

06: Differences in profitability growing out of time alone, and differences in the desirability of investments due to risk and uncertainty factor are the aspect of the decision taken by a farm manager over varying horizons of time.

07: Time has a very significant influence both on cost and return.

08: Cash grow over time the compounding effect of interest and pportunity costs.

09: Fill the blank

The interest rate used to discount or compound sums of money should be at least as large as the current or market rate of interest.

10: The important variables determining present and future values of a single payment or series of payments are as follows

  • The number of years.
  • Size of interest rate.

Explanation 11-20

11: Vredit is gaining control over the use of money at the present time in exchange for a promise to repay it at some future time.

12: Investment credit is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Construction of farm structures.
  • Installation of irrigation facilities.
  • Purchase of farm machineries and implements.

13: Investment credit is also known as development credit.

14: The types of purpose credit are as follows

  • Production credit.
  • Marketing credit.
  • Consumption credit.

15: The repayment period for medium term credit is 2-5 years.

16: The full form of PMFBY is Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana.

17: Central government sponsors PMFBY.

18: PMFBY was launched on 18 February 2016.

19: Shri Narendra Modi launched PMFBY on 18 February 2016.

20: The crops covered under PMFBY are as follows

  • Oil seeds.
  • Food crops.
  • Annual horticultural crops.

Explanation 21-30

21: The full form of NIAS is National Agricultural Insurance Scheme.

22: The Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme introduced in India in 1985.

23: First Individual Approach Scheme: 1972-1978.

24: Private sectors introduced weather based crop insurance.

25: Department of horticulture will be the nodal agency for the insurance of vegetable crops.

26: RRB provides finance to small and marginal farmers.

27: Crop loan is a short term loan by RRB?

28: State Bank of India in collaboration with RRB.

29: RRB shareholders

  • Government of India: 50%.
  • Nationalised banks: 35%.
  • State government: 15%.

30: The number of RRB as of 2020 is 43.

Explanation 31-35

31: The principles of cooperation are as follows

  • Universality.
  • Political and religious neutrality.
  • Voluntary association.

32: Robert Owen is father of cooperative movement.

33: The number of cooperative societies in 1946-47 was 172000.

34: The short term credit is three tier system.

35: The long term credit is two tier system.