Agriculture Guest Post India

Agriculture guest post India

We accept and write guest posts on agriculture, farming and farming technologies, gardening and gardening techniques, and so on. You can find and submit guest post on agriculture, farming or gardening in India from here.

(1). Guest post as a writer
(2). As a guest publisher
(3). Examples of some topics
(4). Frequently asked questions

(1). Guest post as a writer

We write for different blogs and websites. Reviews, blog posts, and articles are our three major services.

1.1: Topic categories

Articles: Gardening, farming, farm management, agribusiness, how to do posts, etc.

Blog posts: MCQ or multiple of choice questions on different subjects and topics. 500 to 3000-word post on different topics from agriculture, farming, and gardening.

Reviews: Detailed description about a product or service. Examples of such reviews are, gardening equipment, farming equipment, agricultural technologies, products for sale, agricultural company, etc.

1.2: How would you contact?

Contact through email or WhatsApp

  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: +917240970819

1.3: How would you pay?

(2). As a guest post publisher

We will publish your post if it meets some basic requirements. Don’t worry, it is easy.

Articles: New topics on agriculture, trending subject in the field of farming, government schemes, agricultural competition exams, etc.

Blog posts: Cultivation practice of fruit plants, cultivation practice of field crops, cultivation practice of flower crops, cultivation practice of other horticultural crops, MCQ on agricultural entrance exams, how to gardening topics, how to farming topics, new technologies, new innovations, etc.

*Note: You may get paid once your contents are approved, and start receiving more page views.

  • As a guest writer, follow all ethics.
  • You can’t copy-paste from the other website.
  • You to write in your own words.
  • It should well structured.
  • Detailed description is necessary with major heading, heading, and sub headings.

2.1: How would you send your content?

Send it through email or WhatsApp

  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: +917240970819

2.2: When will it be published?

Within few hours after review.

(3). Examples of some topics:

  • Relevance of organic farming in 2022.
  • Best agricultural universities in India.
  • Importance and use of eco-friendly Insecticides.
  • Latest advanced technologies in farming.
  • JRF questions with answers in 2021.
  • IBPS AFO Model Test 2021.
  • Two dimensional vegetable farming.

You will see guest post topics from here when it is available.

(4). Frequently asked questions

4.1: Why guest post?

Your content may help many people across the world. It may make a difference. Reader of your post may be a student or a farmer.

4.2: How many words should a post have?

A post or article should have at least 500+ words.

4.3: How many articles can I submit?

You can submit as many as you can.

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