Agriculture Q and A

Agriculture Q and A

(Question 01-05)

Question 01. What are some examples of recent technologies in farming?

Recent technologies in farming are as follows:

  • Vertical farming.
  • Soil and water sensor.
  • Pervasive automation.
  • Mini chromosomal technology.

Question 02. What is vertical farming?

  • Vertical farming is a new way of farming. It is an intensive method of farming. Vertical farming mainly depends on hydroponic system.

Question 03. Which is an easily available green manure crop?

  • Sesbania is an easily available green manure crop during.

Question 04. Is jhum kheti or shifting cultivation still practiced?

  • Yes, it is still in trend in some parts of our country.

Question 05. Is farming profitable?

  • Yes, farming is profitable but with a very good marketing strategy.

(Question 06-10)

Question 06. What are the major agricultural products?

  • Foods, fibers, fuels, and raw materials are the major agricultural products.

Question 07. Which type of agriculture is based on large scale monoculture?

  • Industrial agriculture is the large scale monoculture.

Question 08. What is the landholding of a small farmer?

  • Landholding of a small farmer is 2.5 acre to <5 acres.
  • Landholding of a marginal farmer is <2.5 acres.
  • Landholding of a big farmer is 5 to >5 acres.

Question 07. What is the share of fisheries production in total GDP of India?

  • The share of fisheries production in total GDP of India is 1.07%.

Question 08. What is the total marine coastline of India?

  • The total marine coastline of India is 3,827 kilometres.

Question 09. What is the main cause of nastic movement in plants?

  • Nastic movement in a plant is due to changes in turgor or the growth of plant.

Question 10. Which type of flowers show epinasty?

  • Heavy flowers show epinasty.

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(Question 11-15)

Question 11. How to use phosphorus effectively?

  • The best place for the application of phosphorus is the root zone area.