Agronomy Important One Liner

Subject: Agronomy One Liner

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(Major topics including sub-topics)

  • Introduction to agronomy.
  • Tillage and tillage implements.
  • Classification of crops.
  • Weed and weed management.
  • Herbicides.
  • Manures and fertilizers.
  • Cropping system, crop pattern.
  • Methods of farming.
  • Crop production.
  • Irrigation and irrigation management.
  • Sustainable agriculture.
  • Organic farming.
  • IFS.

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One Liner 01

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Agronomy is derived from Greek word.

  • Indigenous plough cuts ‘V-shape furrow‘.
  • Indigenous plough is a primary tillage implement.
  • The ploughing depth of chisel plough is 60 – 70 cm.
  • Hoe is an example of secondary tillage implement.
  • Tillage improves soil aeration.
  • Jethro Till is the father of tillage.
  • Summer ploughing controls problematic Cyperus rotundus L.
  • The correct time for ploughing depends on soil moisture.

Agronomy One Liner 02

  • Depth of ploughing depends on the depth of effective root zone.
  • Country plough is a multipurpose plough.
  • The concept of minimum tillage is originated from USA.
  • Secondary tillage operations are performed in the row zone.
  • Zero tillage is the last form of minimum tillage.
  • Jethro Tull coined the word ‘Zero tillage’.
  • Tilth is the qualitative characteristics of crumby condition of the soil.

Agronomy One Liner 03

  • Crop growing Monsoon season is June to July.
  • Crop growing Winter season is October to November.
  • Crop growing Summer season is February – June.
  • 1 Degrees brix is equal to 1 g sucrose in 100 g of solution.
  • Brix is important in sugarcane.
  • Sugarcane and sugar beet are biennial crop.

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One Liner 04

  • Dry farming is based on natural precipitation.
  • Sugarcane and cotton are examples cash crops.
  • Cow pea and sesame are examples of catch crops.
  • Sun hemp is an example of nurse crop in sugarcane field.
  • Maize and green gram are examples of companion crops.
  • Zinzvo is an example of pasture crop.
  • Zethro Tull defines weed as an undesired plant.
  • The weed Argemone mexicana causes harm to human health.

Agronomy One Liner 05

  • Crop rotation effectively  controls Avena fatua and Cuscuta spp.
  • In stale seedbed crops germinate in weed free environment.
  • ACCase inhibitors affect cell membrane production in grass.
  • ALS inhibitors affect grasses and dicots alike.
  • Glyphosate is a EPSPS inhibitor.
  • Roundup is the brand name of glyphosate.
  • Glyphosate is produced by Monsanto.
  • 2, 4 – D is an example of synthetic auxin herbicides.

One Liner 06

  • Triazine is an example of photosystem II inhibitor.
  • Paraquat is an example of photosystem I inhibitor.
  • Atrazine is commonly used in sorghum and corn.
  • Pendimethalin is a pre-emergence herbicide.
  • Fluazifop is a post emergence herbicide.
  • Paraquat and glyphosate are non-selective herbicides.

Agronomy One Liner 07

  • The criteria of essentially was given by Arnon, 1954.
  • Average concentration of N in plant tissue is 1.5%.
  • Average concentration of P and MG in plant tissue is 0.2%.
  • Average concentration of N in plant tissue is 1%.
  • Average concentration of B in plant tissue is 20 mg/kg.
  • Average concentration of Mo in plant tissue is 0.1 mg/kg.
  • N, P and K are highly mobileelements in plant.

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One Liner 08

  • Ca and B are immobileelements in plant.
  • Urea is an example of straight
  • fertilizer.
  • Urea is also known as carbamide.
  • First laboratory synthesis of urea by: Friedrich Wohler.
  • CAN has neutral reaction effect on soil.
  • By nature potassium chloride is neutral.
  • EDTA is a synthetic chelating agent.
  • DAP contains 18% N.
  • Borax contains 10.5% boron.
  • Only N containing fertilizers are urea and ammonium chloride.

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One Liner 09

  • Wheat and mustard are example of companion crops.
  • Safflower is an example of guard crop for pea.
  • Japanese mustard is an augmenting crop for berseem.
  • Cotton – berseem is an example of relay cropping.
  • Urd with maize is an example of parallel cropping.
  • Mustard with sugarcane is an example of Multi-storeyed cropping.
  • Sugarcane and potato are an example of synergistic cropping.
  • Alley crops are also known as hedge row intercrops.
  • Rabi crops are long day plant.

One Liner 10

  • Test weight is the weight of 1000 seeds.
  • Botanically, cereals are caryopsis.
  • 2n of rice is 24.
  • Panicle is the inflorescence of rice.
  • The SRI method was developed in 1983 in Madagascar by Henri de Laulanie.
  • Plant to plant distance in SRI is 25 cm.
  • Ruralia commoda is the manual by Pietro de Crescenzi.
  • Hulling percentage of rice is 70 – 75%.
  • IR-8 is miracle rice.
  • Aroma in rice is due to Di-acetyl 1 propaline.
  • Khaira disease in rice is caused by the deficiency of Zinc.

One Liner 11

  • Maize is known as the Queen of Cereals.
  • Maize is a C4 plant.
  • Zeamayssacchrata is sweet corn.
  • Seed date of hybrid maize is 20 – 25 kg/ha.
  • Nicotine content in Nicotiana rustica is 3.5 to 8%.
  • Fire curing is done for bidi.
  • Dough is the harvesting stage of oat.
  • Time for adsali sugarcane is July – August.
  • Retting is an important process in jute and linseed.

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One Liner 12

  • Lint % in seed cotton is 33.
  • Regur soil is best for the cultivation of cotton.
  • Safflower is grown for oil.
  • Protein content of soybean is 40 – 42%.
  • Groundnut is a modified fruit.
  • Botanical name of blackgram is Phasiolus mungo.
  • Pigeonpea has the lowest harvesting index among pulses.
  • Kidney disorder is related with barley.
  • Gluten is the wheat protein.
  • Shelling percentage of wheat is 60%.

One Liner 13

  • Contingency irrigation is life saving irrigation.
  • Flooding is the oldest form of irrigation.
  • Drip irrigation is originated form Israel.
  • There is no irrigation required at field capacity.
  • Drip irrigation method has the highest irrigation efficiency.
  • The maximum water requirement of sugarcane is similar to rice.

One Liner 14

  • Annual rainfall, dry farming: <750 mm.
  • Cycocel and kaoline are antitranspirents.
  • Increased production is the goal of intensification.
  • Sustainable agriculture is based on ecosystem.

Agronomy One Liner

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