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  • MCQ on Computer Added Design: CAD

    MCQ on Computer Added Design (CAD) Read MCQs on CAD or Computer Added Design. Contents: Multiple choice objective questions on CAD, answer key, and explanations. Type Online Mock Test Major subject Computer science, Landscape gardening, Designing Number of questions 15 Also read: Computer Science MCQ for B.Sc. Agriculture Students MCQ on computer added design Question […]

  • Technique of Mist Propagation

    Mist Propagation Technique One of the major problem in the propagation of plants by soft wood herbaceous cuttings and leaf cuttings is the loss by wilting due to desiccation before the production of roots by cuttings. In other situations, for example, when atmospheric temperature rises suddenly after the rooting, the young roots become unable to […]

  • Top 10 Ornamental Plants in India

    Top Demand Ornamental Plants in India Here is the list of top demanded Ornamental Plants in India 1. Poinsettia 2. Cordyline 3. Marigold 4. Croton 5. This list is incomplete Also read: Ornamental Shrubs List 01: Poinsettia Common name: PoinsettiaScientific name: Euphorbia pulcherrimaFamily: EuphorbiaceaeType: Foliage plant Description General description: The new shoots produce bright red […]

  • Statistics Quiz: Online Mock Test

    Statistics Quiz: Online Mock Test Read MCQ on Agricultural Statistics. Multiple choice objective questions. Type Multiple choice objective questions Major subject Agricultural statistics Topics Data summarising, dispersion, average, chi square test, probability, tree diagram, latin square design, strip plot design, null hypothesis. Also read: Agricultural Statistics Multiple Choice Objective Questions Statistics Quiz Question 01. Which […]

  • Buy Grafted Tomato Plant Online

    Buy Grafted Tomato Plant Online You can buy grafted tomato plant from here. Buy Grafted Tomato Plant Read privacy policy In stock Variety Saho Root Stock Tree Brinjal Characteristics Tolerant to wiltResistant to nematode Yield High Minimum order 25 plants Maximum orders 50 plants Price ₹10.00 per plant Shipping charge ₹250. 00 Turkey berry doesn’t […]

  • Using Solanum torvum in Tomato Grafting

    What is Solanum torvum Solanum torvum is a species of wild brinjal, it is a very vigorous plant. S. torvum is a perennial plant belonging to the Solanaceae family, which shows resistance against soil borne diseases like wilt and plant nematode. Because of this quality, it is used as rootstock in vegetable grafting. Also read: […]

  • Question Bank on ICAR Institutes

    ICAR Institutes: Question Bank Also read: Indian Agriculture GK: Questions Bank Indian Institute of Horticultural Research Q. 01. Where is the headquarter of IIHR? Answer: The headquarter of IIHR is located at Hesaraghatta, Bengaluru. Q. 02. What is the year of establishment of IIHR? Answer: It is 1967. Q. 03. Name the regional stations of […]

  • Answer Key: Agriculture GK and Statistics

    Answer Key: Agriculture GK Question Bank and Agricultural Statistics 01. MCQ On Probability 02. MCQ on Statistical Design: LSD, Chi Square, Split plot, Student’s t-test 03. MCQ on Statistical Designs: RBD, CRD, ANOVA 04. MCQ on Agricultural Trade in India 05. MCQ on MSP, Farm Budgeting and Agricultural Policy 06. Computer Science MCQ for B. […]

  • MCQ On Probability

    MCQ on probability Agricultural statistics is an very important subject of B. Sc Agriculture. In M.Sc. Agricultural, the students of each faculty use it in their research work. Apart from all these, questions related to statistics are asked in various competitive exams. These questions also include multiple choice questions related to probability. In this post, […]

  • Indian Agriculture GK: Questions Bank

    Indian Agriculture GK: Question Bank with answers Read important questions on agriculture GK or general knowledge. These questions are very important for all agricultural competition exams. Type Questions with Answers Category Question Bank Format Question and Answer Major subject Agriculture No. of questions 50 Agriculture GK: Questions with answers ICAR Also read: General Agriculture MCQ: […]