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  • 5 Methods Of Soil Sterilization For Vegetable Cultivation

    Methods of soil sterilization for vegetable cultivation: Tomato, chilli and brinjal Post Method of soil sterilization for vegetable cultivation Crops Brinjal, tomato, chilli and other vegetable crops Soil sterilization is a process of making soil media free from harmful microorganisms for better and quality crop production. Also read: Important Points Soils of India Selection of […]

  • MCQ On Maize: Zea Mays Quiz

    MCQ on maize Read MCQ on maize. Topics: Indtroduction to maize, climatic requirement, soil requirement, cultivation practice, important varieties, breeding programme, irrigation and water management, weed and weed management, harvesting and yield, etc. Type Multiple choice objective questions Major subject Agronomy Category Agricultural MCQ Number of questions 30 Also read: Agronomy MCQ and Answer MCQ […]

  • MCQ on Soil Erosion

    MCQ on Soil Erosion and Conservation Soil erosion is the process of the removal of soil particles from the parent body and transportation of such particles by wind and water. 01: Erosion by water 1.1: Splash or rain drop It is the first stage of erosion by water. 1.2: Sheet erosion It is the highest […]

  • MCQ on Rural Development Programmes

    MCQ on Rural Development Programme: Agricultural Extension Education Read MCQ on Rural Development Programme in India. Topics: Introduction to rural development, Sriniketan project, Gurgaon project, Marthandam project, Sevagram project, Etawah pilot project, Nilokheri project, IRDP, National Rural Employment Programmes, Intensive Agricultural Development Programme IAAP, CDP, NES, Jawahar Rojgar yojana, TRYSEM, Development of Women and Children […]

  • 5 Regular Bearing Varieties of Mango

    Regular bearing varieties of mango About mango Common name Mango English name Mango Hindi name आम (Aam) Other names King of fruits Scientific name Mangifera indica L. Family Anacardiaceae Wild relatives Mangifera sylvetica Mango (Mangifera indica L.) is considered the king of fruits. It is one of the choicest to mankind in India. The mango […]

  • Pear Cultivation Guidance

    Botanical name Pyrus pyrifolia or pyrus serotina (Japanese pear)Pyrus communis (European)Family rosaceae.Origin Western Europe and Asia.Chromosome number 2n =16.Edible portion fleshy thalamus.Fruit type Pome It is second important crop after apple in terms of area and production undertemperature fruit crop. Japanese pear: Pyrus pyrifoliaEuropean pear/common pear: Pyrus communis.Italy is largest produce of pear in the […]

  • Peach Cultivation in Hilly and Plains

    Peach cultivation in healy and plain areas Peach: Basic information English name Peach Hindi name आडू (adoo or aadu) Botanical name Prunus persica batsch Family Rosaceae Origin place China Chromosome number X = 8, 2n =16 Type of fruit Drupe Edible portion Mesocarp and epicarp It is a temperature fruit which is rich in protein, […]

  • Important things in epicotyl grafting in mango

    5 Important things in epicotyl or stone grafting in mango Epicotyl grafting or stone grafting is a method of grafting or plant propagation in mango. In this method of plant propagation, rootstock is a seedling of mango which is still attached to stone or seedcoat. Questions related to the method of plant propagation S.No. Important […]

  • Preparation of Tomato Nursery in Net House

    Preparation of tomato nursery inside net house Key points Tomato cultivation in glasshouse/greenhouse Raising of seedling Preparation of growing media Germination of seeds Preparation of tomato seedling beds Also read: Growing Tomato, Brinjal and Chilli in Low Temperature Steps in preparation of tomato nursery inside net house Preparation of growing media Making seedbeds Sowing seeds […]

  • Basics of Plum Cultivation

    Plum Cultivation Practice This page describes the basics of scientific cultivation practice of plum. It is a fruit of temperate climate. Introduction: Plum European plum: Prunus domesticaJapanese plum: P. salicina,Damson or France plum: P.inititia.Family: RosaceaeChromosome no.: 2n = 48Fruit type DrupeEdible portion- Mesocarp & epicarp.Origin – European plum – Europe (Caspian Sea)Japanese plum – West […]