Best Job in Agriculture

Which is the best job in Agriculture?

In previous post, we knew about Best Job in Horticulture. In this post we will know about – Which is the best government job in Agriculture? Just like horticulture, there are many government jobs in the field of agriculture. We will find out the best job according to eligiblity.


Main post: Government jobs in agriculture

(1). Rural Agriculture Extension Officer
(2). Senior Agriculture Development Officer
(3). Assistant Director of Agriculture
(4). Subject Matter Specialist, Agriculture
(5). Assistant Professor, Agriculture
(6). Frequently Asked Questions

We will decide it considering following two criteria:

  • Work and quality of work.
  • Salary (definitely matters).

(1). Rural Agriculture Extension Officer (best job in Agriculture)

(Main post: Rural Agriculture Extension Officer)

RAEO is a village level post with different name such as Rural Agriculture Extension Officer or gram sevak and so on.

This is entry level post. Basic criteria is B. Sc. Agriculture.

1.1 Works of a Rural Agriculture Extension Officer

In field posting: Field works are major works for a RAEO. Example is ‘extension of departmental plans and schemes’.

In office posting: There may be 2 possibilities, first – A RAEO has to operate a computer (newly joined RAEO). And second is a RAEO has to sit on a chair to receive a letter and to dispatch a letter (newly joined RAEO).

1.2 Salary of a Rural Agriculture Extension Officer

Initial salary of a RAEO is not more than 25000.00 INR.

Conclusion: In case of this post, the number of annual targets is more, and it more than the RHEOs. Definitely, targets are more, also there are too many camps and other duties too.

Field works: Work is much more than the present salary.

Office works: A student who has M. Sc. Ag. or PhD working on an old desktop as a computer operator seems. Sitting on chair, receiving and dispatching the official letters all the days in a year, continues….

Opinion: This post is best for a 12th-pass student.

Advise: Complete M. Sc. or PhD and search for better and quality work.

(2). Senior Hortiulture Extension Officer

(Main post: Senior Agriculture Development Officer)

It is a block level post with different name such as Senior Agriculture Development Officer or Block agriculture officer and so on.

All rural agricultural officers work under a SADO or Senior Agriculture Development Officer. Basic criteria for this post is M. Sc. Agriculture.

2.1 Works of a Senior Agriculture Development Officer

In field posting: Here, field posting means block office. SADO is the head officer of the block from the department of agriculture.

Their major major work is extension of departmental plans and schemes through RAEOs.

In office posting

Block office: Official works

District office: All office works

2.1 Salary of a Senior Horticulture Extension Officer

Initial salary of a SHDO is 45000.00 50000.00 INR.


A SADO assigns all targets among rural agricultural officers, attends all the official meetings. SADO’s targets automatically complete whenever all RAEOs complete their own targets.

Field works: Work is less than the salary.

Office works

Block office posting: Workload is less.
District office posting: Workload is high.

Office works are equal to their overall monthly income.

Opinion: We can say that this post is good for M. Sc.  Sc. Ag. students,  they will get it after promotion, which is not easy.

(3). Assistant Director of Horticulture

(Main post: Assistant Director of Agriculture)

Assistant Director of Agriculture is a district level post. All SADOs work under an ADA, directly. Assistant Director of Agriculture, District Agriculture officer are the names of the same post)

This is top level direct post in the department of agriculture. Basic criteria is M. Sc. Agriculture.

3.1 Works of an Assistant Director of Agriculture

Field works: No field work.

An ADA assigns all targets among Senior Hortiulture Development Officers. Attends all official meetings. SHDO’s targets automatically complete whenever all RHEOs complete their own targets.

Office works

Execution of plans and schemes.
Management of field staffs.
Meetings, meetings and meetings.
Signature, signature and signature.
Sit, sit and sit on chair.

3.1 Salary of an Assistant Director of Horticulture

Initial salary of an ADH is 50000.00+ INR.

Conclusion: Overall income is many times higher than the works.

Opinion: This post is best for M. Sc. students.

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(4). Subject Matter Specialist

(Main post: Subject Matter Specialist)

SMS or Subject Matter Specialist is a KVK or Krishi Vigyan Kendra Post.

(1). SMS, Agronomy.
(2). SMS, Soil Science.
(3). SMS, Plant Pathology.
(4). SMS, Entomology.
(5). SMS, Agri. Extension.
(6). SMS, Meteorology etc.
(7). SMS, Agri. Engineering.
(8). SMS, Plant Breeding.

Basic criteria is M. Sc. Agriculture.

4.1 Works of a Subject Matter Specialist

Subject Matter Specialist is a very interesting job.

Extension works: Extension of government schemes. Extension is the core of any Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

Training programme: Training of farmers.

Research: SMS is a part of ongoing research programme in a Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

4.1 Salary of a Subject Matter Specialist Officer

Initial salary of a SMS is 50000.00+ INR.

Conclusion: Works are up-to-date. Salary is good.

Field works: Work is not more than the offered salary.

Office works: All official works.

Opinion: This post is best for a M. Sc. Ag. student.

(5). Assistant Professor, Agriculture

(1). Assistant Professor, Agronomy
(2). Assistant Professor, Soil Science
(3). Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology
(4). Assistant Professor, Entomology.
(5). Assistant Professor, Meteorology.
(6). Assistant Professor, Plant Breeding.
(7). Assistant Professor, Plant Physiology.
(8). Assistant Professor, Agri. Extension.
(9). Assistant Professor, Agri. Engineering.
(10). Assistant Professor, Agroforestry.

(Assistant Professor is also known as AP. An Assistant Professor is a employee in an agricultural/horticultural university.)

Basic criteria is M. Sc. Agriculture

5.1 Works of an Assistant Professor

Teaching: Semester classes

Training: Training of farmers and government employees such as RH

5.2 Salary of a Assistant Professor

Initial salary of a RHEO is not more than 55000+.00 INR.

Conclusion: Considering the quality of works, this is one of the best government post in the field of horticulture.

Opinion: This post is best for a M. Sc. Agrui. and PhD degree holders.

(6). Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. What is direct post?

Answer: A direct job post is a post in which vacant post is filled with selected candidate through entrance exams.

Question 02. How can I become an agricultural scientist?

Answer: To know the answer of this question go to ‘Ho to Become an Agricultural Scientist‘.

Question 03. Give the name of government jobs in horticulture?

Answer: Government jobs in horticulture..

1. Rural Horticulture Extension Officer.
2. Senior Horticulture Development Officer.
3. Assistant Director of Horticulture.
4. Assistant Professor, Horticulture.
5. Subject Matter Specialist, Horticulture.

Question 04. Does salary matter in a job?

Answer: Yes, definitely. It matters.

Question 05. If there is no job option other than RAEO, then what should I do?

Answer: Do it for a short time. Always search for a better job .

Question 06. Is a private job good?

Answer: Yes, but there are a lot of works.

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