Best subject in M.Sc. Horticulture

Which is the best subject in M.Sc. Horticulture?

M.Sc. Horticulture or M.Sc. in horticulture is a 2-year degree programme. “Which is the best subject in M.Sc. horticulture?” is a question similar to the best subject in agriculture. Selection of the best subject is important considering future and scope in horticulture.

(1). Pomology
(2). Olericulture
(3). Floriculture
(4). Which is best
(5). Frequently asked questions

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Major subjects

  • Pomology.
  • Olericulture.
  • Floriculture.
  • Post Harvest Technology.

(1). Pomology

Pomology is one of the major subject. It is also known as fruit science.

1.1: Major topics in pomology

  • Cultivation of fruit crops.
  • Classification of fruits.
  • Varities of major fuit crops.
  • Major fruit crops of India.
  • Minor fruit cops of India.
  • Orchard management practices.
  • Propagation in fruit plants.
  • Insect-pests management.
  • Marketing and post harvest technology.
  • Breeding programme.

1.2: Why is it a good subject?

Availability of the faculty: Department of pomology is available in many major agricultural/horticultural colleges.

Research works: Area of research work is very vast. Although major research works take a very long time. Academic research works, such as M.Sc. Thesis, PhD Thesis, etc., are based on the short duration subject.

Teaching staff: Sufficient teaching staff is a plus point. Department of pomology has sufficient teaching staff in all horticultural college.

Job opportunities: There are more opportunities for those who want government jobs like assistant professor, and subject matter specialist (horticulture).

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(2). Olericulture

Olericulture or vegetable science is a big subject in horticulture. There may be no horticultural university without the department of olericulture.

2.1: Major topics in olericulture

  • Cultivation of vegetable crops.
  • Classification of vegetable crops.
  • Varities of major vegetable crops.
  • Major vegetable crops of India.
  • Minor vegetable crops of India.
  • Nursery management practices.
  • Home garden.
  • Propagation in vegetable plants.
  • Insect-pests management.
  • Marketing and post harvest technology.
  • Breeding programme.

2.2: Why is it a good subject?

Availability of the faculty: This is an integral part of any horticultural college. Department of olericulture or vegetable science is present in all horticultural colleges.

Research works: If we talk about horticulture then this faculty has more research works than all other faculty. Vegetables are short duration crops, hence this factor makes research work easy. More research works are possible in a single year. Your research work will be completed in time.

Teaching staff: Number of teaching staff is more than sufficient. There is more possibility that you will be doing your thesis work under only one professor. This is an advantage because your thesis work will be of very good quality.

Job opportunities: You may work as a guest teacher in any horticultural college. Although, you may face tough competition due to the more number of students in this field. You are not the only one who is trying to get an assistant professor job.

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(3). Floriculture

Floriculture or flower science is relatively a small faculty in horticulture. Its full name is the Department of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture.

3.1: Major topics in Floriculture

  • Cultivation of flower crops.
  • Classification of flower crops.
  • Varities of major flower crops.
  • Major flower crops of India.
  • Minor flower crops of India.
  • Cut and loose flower.
  • Nursery management practices.
  • Propagation in flower plants.
  • Topiary and bonsai.
  • Lawn and lawn management.
  • Gardens, gardening and gardens of India.
  • Insect-pests management.
  • Marketing and post harvest technology.
  • Breeding programme.

3.2: About this subject and faculty?

Availability of the faculty: Generally, this faculty is available in main horticultural/agricultural colleges. Examples of some institutes are: Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Ananad Agricultural University, College of Agriculture, Raipur, etc.

Research works: Research works are less in the Department of Floriculture as compared to the other two faculties. Although, the length of the research work is short.

Teaching staff: It is a reality that this faculty lacks teaching staff. There is no sufficient teaching staff.

Job opportunities: You can work as a guest teacher in any horticultural college. Here, competition is low for government jobs, such as Assistant Professor.

(4). Which is the best subject?

Faculty: The availability of a faculty is one of the most important things. Always choose available faculty, such as vegetable science.

Research works: Everyone wants to complete it in a very short time. Research works in fruit crops take a longer time. Hence, your degree may delay for 2-3 months. Choose it if it is your problem.

Teaching staff: Always go with that faculty which has more staffs.

Job opportunities: As an Indian student, it should be your first consideration. You will get more job opportunities when you decide to choose pomology.

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(5). Frequently asked questions

Question 01. Which faculty will be best if all are available?

Answer: Choose floriculture, because it has more scope in future.

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