Big Farmer Landholding

Big farmer landholding

Big farmer definition

In previous post we knew about marginal as well as small farmers, this post explains about big farmers and Big Farmer Landholding.

Who is big farmer?

Answer: A farmer who has 5.00 acres of land, but not less than 5.00 acres, is a big farmer.

Big farmer land holding is 5.00 and >5.00 acres.

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Which Indian state has more big farmers?

Answer: Indian states such as Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana etc., have more number of big farmers.


Total farmers: 53.19 lakh.
Marginal famers: 20.17 lakh.
Small farmers: 16.15 lakh.
Semi medium farmers: 11.50 lakh Medium farmers: 4.95 lakh.
Big farmers: 39,893 lakh.

(Ref. 01): Gujarat Agri. Census 2015 – 16

Semi medium farmers + medium farmers + big farmers = Big farmers

Although, numbers of small farmers are increasing.


The total landholdings: 10.93 lakh.
Marginal farmers: 2.04 lakh or 18.7%. Small farmers: 1.83 lakh or 16.7%.
Big farmers: 7.06 lakh or 64.6%.

(Ref. 02)

What is the landholding of Maharashtra?

Answer: The average landholding of Maharashtra is 1.34 ha.

(Ref. 03)

Which Indian category belongs to big farmers?

Answer: All categories, including Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Cate, OBC and General, may belong to big farmers.

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Why are big farmers ‘”big farmers”?

Answer: There are many reasons, some are as follows..

  1. Farmers who already have big land holdings.
  2. No partition of land among family members.
  3. Purchasing new piece of land.

What are the benefits of being a big farmer?

Answer: There are limited benefits of being a big farmer considering government schemes..

Benefits of many schemes by state and central government with 50% subsidy.

And others.

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What are some government schemes for big farmers?

Answer: High tech. vegetable production, fruit production, cereal crop cultivation.

Irrigation schemes, mulching schemes, production of manure such as vermicompost and farm yard manure.

What are the examples of some government department which have schemes for big farmers?

Answer: Departments are as follows..

(1). Department of agriculture of state government.
(2). Department of horticulture of state government.
(3). Department of fisheries of state government.
(4). Department of animal husbandry of state government.
(5). Department of agroforestry of state government.

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What are the other categories of farmers

Answer: The other categories of farmers are as follows..

  • Small farmers.
  • Marginal farmers.


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