Browning in Thuja Plant

Browning in Thuja plant

General information

Common NameThuja
Scientific NameThuja spp.
TypeConiferous, foliage plant
OriginAsia and North America
UsesOrnamental Landscape Gardening

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Thuja is a coniferous plant or tree. It is a type of shrub. Hence it is a shrub plant. The plant is native to North America (some species) and Asia (some species). This evergreen plant prefers temperate climate. It is known for its application in landscape gardening. Browning in thuja: The shrub plant is a very important component of a garden lawn. Proper management of the plant is an important step to avoid any unpleasant appearance.

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Cause of browning in Thuja

  • It is not caused by any pathogen or insect-pests.
  • Winter-burn, water-stress and sun-burn are the major causes.
  • Low or high soil pH is also a reason.
  • Pruning of dead parts, watering in regular intervals, manuring etc., are some measures of managing this problem.


  • Affected foliage turns brownish.
  • The bronzing of leaves is its primary symptom.
  • Later it becomes dry.

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  • The shrub losses it vigour.
  • Plant losses it’s actual shape and appearance.
  • The shrub plant losses losses its beauty.
  • Plant doesn’t ad any value.


Water stress

  • Don’t let your pot soil dry for a long period.
  • Water stress problem is common during the summer season.
  • Frequent watering is necessary.

Scorching sun

  • The direct scorching sun burns the foliage.
  • It is a common problem in summer months.
  • Partial shade is necessary to tackle this problem.

Winter burn

  • Winter burn is due to cold climate.
  • A minimum temperature of 12 to 19 °C in central India is sufficient to cause this problem.
  • Keep your potted plants inside a shade house.

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Removal of the affected parts

  • Pruning is the best option.
  • Do light pruning.
  • Avoid unnecessary pruning.

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Apart from browning in Thuja, the plant is also affected by blight disease.


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