B. Sc. Agriculture RAWE Programme: Job

RAWE Programme is a part of semester based B. Sc. Agriculture Degree Programme. A Certificate (RAWE Certificate) is given to each student after the completion of the programme.

Generally, it is the last semester of B. Sc. Ag. degree programme, and also known as RAWEP. But, the word RAWE is very common. The full form of RAWE is Rural Agriculture Work Experience Programme.

‘Is there any relation between RAWE and Job finding?’. Answer of this question has been described in the later part of this article.

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Part 01. RAWE Programme

General Info.: RAWE

Type: Internship

Full Form: Rural Agriculture Work Experience

Semester 8th.

Duration 6 months.

Certificate Yes, given.

Question 1.1. Does RAWE is an internship programme?

Answer: In RAWE…

1. A student or a group of student (3-4) works with an assigned farmer.
2. The work is a small project with a given topic and student don’t aspect any salary.
3. It is just to gain rural experience.

Question 1.2. How many days it takes?

Answer: Generally, it is completed within 6 months.

Question 1.3. Do students have to stay in the village?

Answer: No, they don’t need to stay in villages.

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Question 1.4. Describe RAWE?


1. There are total 8 semesters in B. Sc. Agriculture where 2 semester together make one year in B. Sc. Agriculture. Duration of each semester is 6 months.
2. 7 semesters are based on theory and practical classes, and these can be termed as indoor classes.
3. The 8th semester is last semester, and this semester stands for RAWEP.
4. In last semester, students are included in this programme.
5. Many groups of students are made (3 – 4 students in each group).
6. A village is selected, and always, it is always a nearby village to the college or university.
7. They go to the village by college vehicle.
8. In village, one group is assigned with one farmer.
9. Now, students work with farmers till the end of the programme.
10. The works are generally related with farming (cultivation of field crops).

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Part 02. Certificate

Each student receives a certificate after the completion of this Programme.

Question 2.1. Is this certificate a diploma or degree?

Answer: No, it is not a diploma nor a degree.

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Part 03. RAWE and Job

Question 3.1. Can we get a job with this certificate?

Answer: It is just a certificate. And you will not get any job with this certificate.

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