Buy Grafted Brinjal Plant Online: VNR 212

Grafted Brinjal Plant Online: VNR 212

You can buy grafted brinjal plant from here from any part of India. Plants will be delivered to you at your home. Variety is VNR 212.

Variety of grafted brinjal plant: VNR 212
Scion VNR 212
Root stock Wild Brinjal (Solanum torvum), Solmel

Price details

12₹ per plant if minimum order is 50 plants
10₹ per plant if minimum order is 100
9₹ per plant if minimum order is 200

Packaging details for small box

No. of plants Packaging size Packing material, packaging cost

50 Small 60₹ 75₹

Shipping details

Mode Price

Courier surface mode 110₹

Courier express mode 150

Packaging details for medium box

No. of plants Packaging size Packaging material and packaging cost

100 Medium 480₹

Shipping details

Packaging details for biger box

No. of plants Packaging size Packing material and packaging cost

200 Big ₹ 480₹

Shipping details

Mode Price

Courier 250₹

For more you can contact at 6267219350

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How many days will it take to reach plants at my adress?

Answer: It will take 4-8 days to reach plants to you after the shippment of the product.

Question: Will my plants reach to me in good condition?

Answer: Packing is done by us in such a way that the plants will reach to you in right condition.

Question: Will I get a refund if my plants reach to in damaged condition?

Answer: You will get 50% amout of plant if you get damaged plant. But for this, you have to make a video while opening the package and share it on day of delivery.

Question: Will I get technical help after the purchase of plants?

Question: Yes, you will get 3 free technical guidance related to cultivation after the purchase of plants.

Question: What is the height of plants?

Answer: The height of plants depends of the size of packing box. It ranges from 10-15 cm.

Question: What is the age plant?

Answer: Plants are 45 days old

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