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  • Future of Agriculture Coaching Centres

    Future of Agriculture Coaching Centres in India आज से 10 से 20 साल पहले की बात की जाए तो हम देखते हैं की medicine और इंजीनियरिंग का शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में सबसे अधिक महत्व था, यह आज भी है। उन दिनों कृषि के क्षेत्र में उच्च शिक्षा को ज्यादा महत्व नहीं दिया जाता था। हालांकि […]

  • Which is the best fencing pole?

    Fencing fencing pole is a component of boundry fence. It is also known as boundary pole. There are different types of boundary poles. Durability and affordability are two basic requirements of poles by farm owners. Types of fencing poles Cement poles. Iron poles. Wooden poles. Stone poles. Live poles. Contents (1). Cement poles (2). Iron […]

  • Pasteurization Method of Compost Making

    Pasteurization method of Compost making for button mushroom What’s about this method? Post: Button mushroom compost making. This method is modern method of compost making. It has two stages, first is preparation of compost, and second is pasteurization. S.N. Heading Subheadings 01. Procedure of preparation of compost (A): Required materials.(B): Short or pasteurization method of […]

  • Compost making for button mushroom

    Long method of compost making for button mushroom What is compost for button mushroom? It is a decayed organic material which is used as a media for growing mushroom. Why is it necessary? Composting is necessary for the following reasons: Reason 01: Straw becomes soft. The weight of wet straw is 550-600 kg/m^3. Reason 02: […]

  • Kadaknath farming: Price and Marketing

    Kadaknath farming: Price, marketing, and benefits What is kadaknath? Kadaknath, also spelled Kadakhnath, is a breed of hen. It is an indigenous species of poultry. Although it is an indigenous breed of hen, it is very different from the other indigenous or desi breed of hen. This post, ‘Kadaknath Poultry Farming: Price and Marketing‘ describe […]

  • Drumstick is a Highly Profitable Vegetable

    Drumstick: The Highly Profitable Vegetable crop Which is the highly profitable vegetable crop? Drumstick is the highly profitable vegetable. In this post will know about the cultivation practice of annual moringa, medicinal values and its marketing. General information: Common name: Drum stick (ड्रम स्टिक)Other names: Moringa, munga (मुनगा), Sahjan (सहजन)Scientific name: Moringa oleifera L.Family: MoringaceaeChromosome number: […]

  • Mushroom Powder Buyers in India

    Mushroom powder buyers in India What is mushroom powder? Mushroom powder is a processed product from the mushroom production units. Mushroom production, drying, and the making of mushroom powder is relatively easy. But the difficult task is to find buyers to sell it. Contents (1). Scope of mushroom powder business (2). Problems in finding a […]

  • Dry mushroom marketing strategies

    Dry mushroom marketing strategies and channels Mushroom production is an lucrative agribusiness. Fresh mushroom is a very valuable product. Its other forms are dried caps and mushroom powder, respectively. Dry mushroom marketing is a part of agricultural marketing strategy. This post shows, how can you sell your product through the different marketing channels? Also read: […]

  • How to Get Licence for Horticultural Shop?

    How to Get Licence to Open a Horticultural Shop? What is a Horticultural shop? A horticultural shop is a legal shop through which its owner is able to sell one of the following product, such as gardening tools, plant protection products, and other equipment. In this post we know about How to Get Licence for […]

  • Oyster mushroom cultivation: Method and Procedure

    Oyster mushroom cultivation: Method and Procedure What is oyster mushroom? Oyster mushroom is a species of edible mushroom. The edible form of this species of mushroom is fresh cap and mushroom stem, dry cap and mushroom cap, and mushroom powder. It is a fungus, just like the other species of mushroom such as paddy straw […]