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  • MCQ on Rural Development Programmes

    MCQ on Rural Development Programme: Agricultural Extension Education Read MCQ on Rural Development Programme in India. Topics: Introduction to rural development, Sriniketan project, Gurgaon project, Marthandam project, Sevagram project, Etawah pilot project, Nilokheri project, IRDP, National Rural Employment Programmes, Intensive Agricultural Development Programme IAAP, CDP, NES, Jawahar Rojgar yojana, TRYSEM, Development of Women and Children […]

  • MCQ On Experimental Designs

    MCQ On Experimental Designs: Agricultural Statistics Read MCQ ot multiple choice objectives on Experimental Designs. Topics: Completely Randomized Design (CRD), Randomized Block Design (RBD), Latin Square Design (LSD), Split Plot Design (SPD), SrPD, summary with important points. Post MCQ On Experimental Designs Major subject Agricultural Statistics For B. Sc. and M. Sc. Agriculture Number of […]

  • Natural Resource Management MCQ

    Natural Resource Management MCQ: Multiple Choice Objective Questions Natural Resource Management MCQ. Topics: Introduction to NRM, types of natural resources, renewable and non-renewable resources of energy, NRM institutes, miscellaneous. Type Online Mock Test Number of questions 25 Major subject Natural Resource Management Also read: Disaster management and mitigation MCQ MCQ on Natural Resources Management Question […]

  • MCQ on Manures and Fertilizers

    MCQ (quiz) on Manures and Fertilizer Read important MCQ on manures and fertilizers. Topics: Introduction to manures and fertilizers, classification categories. OM, FYM, compost, NPK and others. Type Multiple choice objective questions Number of questions 25 Major subject Agriculture Category Agriculture Class B.Sc. Agriculture, M.Sc. Agriculture Also read: Bio-fertilizers for Paddy (Rice) MCQ on manure […]

  • MCQ on Phanerogamic Plant Parasites

    Phanerogamic Plant Parasites Quiz and MCQ MCQ on Phanerogamic Plants. Topics: Introduction to phanerogamic plants, cuscuta, orobanche, dendrophthoe, striga or witchweed. Name MCQ on Phanerogamic Plant Parasites Type Objective multiple choice questions, MCQ, quiz Number of questions 25 Also read: Plant Pathology MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions Phanerogamic Plant Parasites MCQ (Quiz) Question 01. Which is […]

  • Arboriculture MCQ: Objective Questions

    Arboriculture MCQ: Objective Questions Read mcq on arboriculture. The subject is related to the study of an individual tree. Topics: Introduction to arboriculture, its importance, techniques, arborist, level of an arborist, important equipment, felling, limbing, tree shaping. Type Multiple Choice Objective Questions Number of questions 35 Also read: Agroforestry MCQ: Multiple Choice Objective Questions Arboriculture […]

  • Agroecology MCQ with Answer

    Agroecology MCQ with Answer Topics: History, role, principles, and importance of agroecology, important practices, diversification, and other important topics. Also read: Ecology MCQ For Agriculture Name Agroecology MCQ Type Objective questions Number of questions 30 Question 01. In which year didagroecology first appear? (a). 1938.(b). 1928.(c). 1929.(d). 1939. See answer Question 02. Who coined the […]

  • Reservoirs and dams of India

    Questions on reservoirs of India Reservoirs of India mcq. Dams of India multiple choice objective questions. Read objective questions on reservoirs and dams of India. Irrigation resources of India. Also read: General Agriculture MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions MCQ on irrigation resources and reservoirs of India Question 01. Rihand dam is also known as: (a). Indira […]

  • Water management mcq

    Water management mcq Post: Water management mcq. Multiple choice objective questions on water management. Topics include watershed development programme, important terminology, reservoirs of India, watershed development programmes in India, method of irrigation, etc. Type Online mock test Number of mcq 15 Also read: MCQ on soil and water conservation MCQ on water management Question 01. […]

  • Contingency irrigation

    Contingency Irrigation What is contingency irrigation? Contingency irrigation is a type of irrigation which is also known as live saving irrigation. Physical appearance of a plant, moisture availability in soil, stage of the plant, etc., are the defining factors for applying contingency irrigation. Also read: Drip irrigation government scheme (1). Importance Efficient use of water. […]