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  • MCQ on Phanerogamic Plant Parasites

    Phanerogamic Plant Parasites Quiz and MCQ MCQ on Phanerogamic Plants. Topics: Introduction to phanerogamic plants, cuscuta, orobanche, dendrophthoe, striga or witchweed. Name MCQ on Phanerogamic Plant Parasites Type Objective multiple choice questions, MCQ, quiz Number of questions 25 Also read: Plant Pathology MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions Phanerogamic Plant Parasites MCQ (Quiz) Question 01. Which is […]

  • Phytoplasma Plant Diseases Examples

    Phytoplasma Diseases Phytoplasma are the mycoplasma like organism. Fungi, bacteria and viruses are the three major categories of plant pathogenic micro-organisms. Other category of plant pathogen is plant pathogenic nematode. In this post we will know about the name of different plants diseases caused by the phytoplasma. Examples of Phytoplasma Diseases S. N. Name of […]

  • Agricultural Microbiology Objective Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

    Topics: Agriculture Microbiology Multiple Choice Questions Bacteria: Basic information.Plant pathogenic bacteria.Major plant diseases caused by the plant pathogenic bacteria. Virus: Basic information.Plant pathogenic viruses.Major plant diseases caused by the plant pathogenic viruses. Fungi: Basic information.Plant pathogenic fungi.Major plant diseases caused by the plant pathogenic fungi. Beneficial microorganisms: PSB, Azospirillum, Azotobacter etc. Agriculture Microbiology Objective Multiple […]