Best Rootstock for Tomato, Brinjal and Chilli Grafting

What is grafting? Grafting is a method of plant propagation. Technically a grafted plant is a hybrid. In grafting we take a stronger plant as rootstock (stem part of the grafted plant) and a commercial plant’s part as growing portion. Also read: How to Make a Healing Chamber For Vegetable Grafting Examples of crops: Vegetable… Continue reading Best Rootstock for Tomato, Brinjal and Chilli Grafting

Infectious and Non-infectious Plant Diseases

Infectious and Non-infectious Plant Diseases What is non-parasitic disease? Plant diseases in which no foreign organism or parasite is associated with the cause are known as non-parasitic disease. They differ from virus diseases in being non-infectious. Also read: Phytoplasma Plant Diseases Examples Infectious and Non-infectious Plant Diseases Cause Such diseases are induced by certain disorders… Continue reading Infectious and Non-infectious Plant Diseases

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Quiz (MCQ) on Renewable Energy

Read MCQ on Renewable Energy. Topics: Introduction to renewable energy. Types of energy, biogas, biogas plant, wind energy, solar energy, thermal energy, tidal energy. Also read: Agriculture Engineering Multiple Choice Objective Questions (MCQ) MCQ on Renewable Energy Question 01. Which is a type of commercial energy? (a). Coal(b). Oil(c). Natural gas(d). All of the above… Continue reading Quiz (MCQ) on Renewable Energy

Economics MCQ 2023

Economics MCQ 2023 With Answers Read MCQ on Economics. Topics: Introduction to economics, Micro-economics, Economic policy, utility, Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility, simple interest, compound interest, Types of markets, Local, national and international markets, monopoly, oligopoly, GDP of India, Agro Sectors. Also read: Agricultural Economics Multiple Choice Questions Economics MCQ Question 01. Who gave the… Continue reading Economics MCQ 2023

Agronomy MCQ: Water Management

Water Management MCQ Read MCQ on Water Management. Topics: PWP, Soil moisture content, CMP, Water use efficiency, Irrigation and methods of irrigation, Drainage and method of drainage. Type Multiple Choice Objective Questions Topics Water management Major subject Agronomy No. of questions (mcq) 25 Also read: Agronomy MCQ and Answer Water Management MCQ Question 01. Who… Continue reading Agronomy MCQ: Water Management

Tomato Wilt: Causal Organism, Damage and Control

Wilt of Tomato and Brinjal: Cause, Symptoms and Control Also read: Early blight of potato cause, symptoms, and control The bacterial wilt of tomato (उकठा in Hindi), caused by Ralstonia solanacearum, is a major disease of this crop in areas where the bacterium is well established and soil conditions are favorable for it. In Karnataka,… Continue reading Tomato Wilt: Causal Organism, Damage and Control

Is Grafting Possible in Ber

Grafting in ber Is grafting possible in ber. What is grafting? What is budding? About ber (Budding and Grafting) Ber or Indian jujube (Zizyphus mauritiana) is a tropical and subtropical fruit plant. It can successfully cultivated even in the most marginal ecosystem of tropics and subtropics. Ber is known as poot man’s fruit. It is… Continue reading Is Grafting Possible in Ber