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  • MCQ On Climatology

    MCQ on Climatology: Climate of India Read MCQ on Climatology. Topics: Introduction to climatology, climate cycles and models, climate of India, monsoon etc. Type Multiple Choice Objective Questions Major subject Agricultural meteorology No. of questions 15 Also read: Agro Meteorology MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Climatology MCQ: Introduction Question 01. Climatology is the scientific study of […]

  • MCQ On Dragon Fruit

    MCQ on dragon fruit Read mcq on dragon Also read: MCQ on Cactus (Cacti) Plants Dragon fruit mcq: Multiple choice objective questions Question 01. To which region is the dragon fruit indigenous? (a). Americas(b). China(c). Sahara desert(d). Kalahari desert Question 02. What is the scientific name of dragon fruit? (a). Stenocereus gummosus(b). Selenicereus costaricensis(c). Hylocereus undatus(d). […]

  • Buy Grafted Brinjal Plants

    Buy Grafted Brinjal Plant You can buy grafted brinjal plant from here. Buy Grafted Brinjal Plants In stock Number of plants 10 Price per plant ₹15.00 Courrier charges ₹150.00 Read policy *This will be 20 days advanced payment Importance Resistance to plant pathogen बैंगन की ग्राफ्टिंग के लिए हम rootstock के रूप में जंगली बैंगन […]

  • Syllabus Vegetable Grafting Training

    Vegetable grafting Definition, Importance, types: cleft, Japanese method, Inarching. What is cleft grafting?What is Japanese method of grafting?What is inarching? Is grafting possible in open field condition? Steps in vegetable grafting Selection of rootstock Criteria Resistant to soil borne pathogenResistant to nematodePerennial or annualPlant vigour Also read: Brinjal Grafting Training Brinjal, Tomato, Chilli Grafting Training […]

  • Brinjal Grafting Training

    Brinjal grafting training at lowest price Preface Brinjal is a staple vegetable crop of India. It is also known as eggplant. Brinjal is a very important vegetable along with tomato and potato. Per acre yield is very high. Due to high production, it is a very good source of farm income. Many types of pests […]

  • MCQ on Agricultural Trade in India

    MCQ on agricultural trade and marketing in India MCQ on Agricultural Trade in India Question 01. What was the percentage growth in exports of Indian agricultural and allied commodities during April 2020 to February 2021? (a). 18.49%(b). 16.90%(c). 20.12%(d). 14.39% Question 02. What was the growth of wheat export during 2020-21? (a). 627%(b). 827%(c). 727%(d). […]

  • MCQ on Kitchen Garden

    MCQ on Kitchen Garden Kitchen garden mcq. Home garden mcq. Topics: Introduction to home garden, importance, objectives, types, features, components, layout, establishment, management etc. Type Mock Test Subject Olericulture Category Olericulture MCQ Number of questions 15 Also read: Establishment of Kitchen Garden at Home Kitchen Garden MCQ Kitchen garden mcq. Home garden mcq. Question 01. […]

  • Buy White Mulberry Plant Online

    White mulberry plant (cutting) online White mulberry is a species of mulberry plant. Red and white mulberries are two important species (varieties) of genus Morus. White mulberry plant cutting Buy white mulberry plant and cutting online at only ₹15.00 In stock Species/Variety White Fruit size Standard Viability period of cutting 10 days Size of planting […]

  • Answer Key: MCQ Nano technology in Agriculture

    Answer key 01. MCQ on Nano Technology in Agriculture 02. Quiz (MCQ) On Tomato 03. MCQ on Insect-pests of Vegetable Crops 04. Agricultural Meteorology Important MCQ 05. Agronomy MCQ For B. Sc. Students 01: MCQ on Nano Technology in Agriculture Answer key: 1-10 1. d 6. b 2. c 7. d 3. d 8. a […]

  • Pot Culture Technique: Home and Kitchen Garden

    Pot Culture गमले में पौधों को लगाना (pot culture) पौध उगाने की एक कला है, इसे हम चलता फिरता उद्यान भी कहते हैं। Also read: Pot vegetable farming गमलों में पौधे लगाने के उद्देश्य गमलों के प्रकार (types of pot) गमले निम्नलिखित प्रकार के होते हैं: मिट्टी के गमले मिट्टी के गमले प्राकृतिक रूप से […]