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  • Quiz (MCQ) On Heterosis Breeding

    Quiz on heterosis: Plant genetics multiple choice objective questions Read MCQ on heterosis. This quiz includes multiple choice objective questions from genetics and plant breeding. Topics: Introduction to heterosis, dominance hypothesis, overdominance hypothesis, plant breeding, interspecific cross, MCQ on heterosis Question 01. Who used the term heterosis for the first time? (a). Shull.(b). Keith Downey.(c). […]

  • Answer Key and Explanation for SHDO Model Questions

    This page includes MCQ from horticulture, answer key explanation of SHDO Model Questions. Answer Key 1. b 6. d 2. c 7. c 3. b 8. b 4. a 9. a 5. d 10. d Go to Post Page 11. a 16. d 12. c 17. b 13. d 18. d 14. c 19. c […]

  • Communication Model One Liner

    Communication model This post includes important points from communication model. Major subject is agricultural extension education. Also read: J.P. Leagans communication model Answer key 1. d 6. a 2. c 7. a 3. a 8. b 4. a 9. a 5. c 10. b Go to MCQ Page 11. d 16. b 12. d 17. […]

  • MCQ On PDS: Public Distribution System

    MCQ On PDS: Public Distribution System Read MCQ on PDS or Public Distribution System. Topics: Introduction to PDS, Revamped Public Distribution System, Targeted Public Distribution System, ration card, Food Corporation of India, miscellaneous. Type Multiple Choice Objective Questions Number of questions 25 Also read: What is Narwa Garwa Ghurwa Badi (NGGB Scheme) MCQ on PDS: […]

  • Genetic Engineering MCQ: Recombinant DNA Technology

    Genetic engineering MCQ: Introduction Read MCQ on Genetic Engineering or Recombinant DNA Technology. Topics: Introduction to genetic engineering, vectors in GE, plant transformation, electroporation, microinjection technique, direct and indirect gene transfer, plasmids, miscellaneous. Type Multiple choice objective questions, online mock test Number of questions 30 Also read: Plant Breeding, Genetics, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Genetic […]

  • Insect Vectors of Plant Diseases

    Insect vectors of plant diseases: A vector is capable of transmitting various pathogens from one host to another. All insect Vectors acquire the disease causing organisms feeding on the diseased plants and transmit them to healthy plants. Insects having piercing or sucking type of mouthparts, biting or chewing type of mouthparts transmit the diseases. Post […]

  • Best wild brinjal plant species for grafting

    Which is the Best wild brinjal plant species for grafting? Wild brinjals are the wild relatives of cultivated or the common eggplant. It is also known as jungli bhanta (जंगली भांटा) in Hindi. In this post we will know about the 7 important species of wild eggplant. It is very important to know that which […]

  • MCQ And Quiz on Insecticide

    MCQ and Quiz on Insecticides Post Quiz on insecticide.MCQ on insecticide. Type Multiple choice objective questions Major subject Entomology Number of questions 35 Also read: Entomology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers MCQ on insecticide Question 01. Which is an inorganic compound insecticide? (a). Sulfur.(b). Phosphorus.(c). Paris green.(d). Rotenone. See answer Question 02. Consider about stomach […]

  • Soil Science Ebook PDF

    A competitive ebook on soil Science Buy Soil Science Ebook at only ₹ 99.00. Point to point description.Focus on important topics.Inclusion of images to elaborate the topics. This ebook + 500 MCQ At only ₹ 125.00 About ebook Category Descriptive competitive ebookFormat PDF (password protected) Also read: Soil Science MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions For B. […]

  • Bhejari or Bhatkatiya Plant

    Bhejari or Bhatkataiya Plant (Solanum xanthocarpum) Bhejari plant (भेजरी पौधा) also spelled bhejri is a wild species of plant from the family solanaceae. It is closely related to brinjal or egg plant. The plant is also known by Bhatkatiya plant (भटकटैया पौधा). General information: Bhejari plant (Bhatkatiya) Common name Bhatkatiya (भटकटैया पौधा) Scientific name Solanum […]