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  • Pot Culture Technique: Home and Kitchen Garden

    Pot Culture गमले में पौधों को लगाना (pot culture) पौध उगाने की एक कला है, इसे हम चलता फिरता उद्यान भी कहते हैं। Also read: Pot vegetable farming गमलों में पौधे लगाने के उद्देश्य गमलों के प्रकार (types of pot) गमले निम्नलिखित प्रकार के होते हैं: मिट्टी के गमले मिट्टी के गमले प्राकृतिक रूप से […]

  • RAEO Questions: Horticulture, Agronomy and Agri. Engineering

    RAEO Previous Year Questions Question 01. What is the suitable planting distance for potato? (a). 60 × 20 cm(b). 60 × 45 cm(c). 45 × 20 cm(d). 45 × 45 cm Question 02. At present, what is the contribution of agriculture in GDP of India? (a). 10 – 12%(b). 16 – 18%(c). 20 – 22%(d). […]

  • Quiz (MCQ) On Tomato

    Quiz: Multiple Choice Questions on Tomato MCQ on tomato cultivation Question 01. What is the latest scientific name of tomato? (a). Solanum lycopersicum(b). Lycopersicum esculentum(c). Solanum esculentum(d). None of the above Question 02. What is the chromosome number (2n) of this crop? (a). 12(b). 24(c). 28(d). 32 Question 03. Which is the origin place of […]

  • Agricultural Meteorology Important MCQ

    Agricultural Meteorology MCQ: Multiple Choice Objective Questions Question 01. Which of the following defines transpiration? (a). Transpiration is the movement of water from the soil, through roots and bodies of vegetation, on leaves and then into the air(b). Transpiration is the movement of water to the air directly from soil, canopies, and water bodies(c). Either a […]

  • Agronomy MCQ For B. Sc. Students

    Agronomy MCQ for B. Sc. Students: Memory Based Previous year’s Questions Question 01. Which will be the ideal condition for high rice production? High rainfallCanal irrigated landsBright sunny days and after anthesis Which is the right combination? (a). 2 and 3(b). 1 and 2(c). 1 and 3(d). 1, 2 and 3 Question 02. Which is […]

  • MCQ on Phytopathology

    MCQ on Phytopathology Read MCQ on Phytopathology. Phytopathology MCQ Phytopathology quiz and mcq Question 01. What is the cause bitter pit of apple (due to Ca deficiency). (a). Ca deficiency(b). Iron deficiency(c). B deficiency(d). All of the above Question 02. Which is a protozoan disease? (a). Hartrot of coconut palm(b). Phloem necrosis of coffee(c). Both […]

  • MCQ On Social Forestry

    MCQ on Social Forestry Page will be updated Question 01. Which of the following defines social forestry? (a). Growing forest trees in conventional forest areas(b). Growing forest trees in non-conventional forest areas such as rural and urban areas(c). Both a and b(d). None of the above Question 02. Who coined the word social forestry? (a). […]

  • Post Harvest Technology MCQ: Quiz 01

    Post Harvest Technology MCQ This page includes multiple choice objective questions from post harvest technology. Quiz Post harvest technology mcq Type Multiple choice objective questions Major subject PHT Number of questions 35 Also read: Post Harvest Technology (PHT) MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Post harvest technology mcq Question 01. Which group of the microorganism converts sugar […]

  • Grape Fruit, Lime and Lemon

    Grape fruit, lime and lemon: Importance, cultivation and management practices Also read: Cultivation of Sweet Orange Grape fruit Botanical name: Citrus paradiseFamily: RutaceaeOrigin: West India The grape fruit trees bear fruits in cluster like grapes. Hence is it known as grape fruit.Fruits ripen during September-OctoberFruits should be harvest when green colour changes to yellow.Yield goes […]

  • Crop Science MCQ

    Crop Science MCQ Crop Science MCQ: Multiple Choice Objective Questions Also read: General Agriculture MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions Question 01. Which is true about ethylene production in plants? (a). High oxygen stimulates trees and plants to produce ethylene(b). Low oxygen stimulates trees and plants to produce ethylene(c). Low carbon dioxide stimulates trees and plants to produce ethylene(d). High […]