धान में बियासी विधि Biyasi in Rice

बियासी विधि से धान की खेती What is biyasi or byasi in rice? Biyasi or byasi is a method of rice or paddy cultivation. It is adopted in high rainfall areas, and especially in village areas. It is an intercultural operation in paddy field. हमारे देश की कृषि का अधिकांश हिस्सा मानसून पर आधारित है।… Continue reading धान में बियासी विधि Biyasi in Rice

GM Crop Varieties with Examples

Main post: GM Crop Varieties With Examples. These are the genetically modified varieties of field, horticultural and other plant species. The technology behind this is genetic engineering. Contents (1). GM Potato (2). GM Rice (3). Transgenic Cotton (4). Transgenic maize (5). Transgenic tomato (1). GM Potato Also read: GM Potato Varieties (Cultivars) 1.1: Innate Belongs… Continue reading GM Crop Varieties with Examples

Components of Advanced Agriculture

Components of advanced agriculture What is advanced agriculture? Advanced agriculture is a part of modern day agriculture. Traditional agriculture uses  old technique of farming. Modern day farming is very advance. High tech agriculture uses the modern scientific technologies. Components (1). Characteristics (2). Components (3). F. A. Q. Also read: Top 10 farming business ideas (1).… Continue reading Components of Advanced Agriculture

PAT: Pre Agriculture Test

PAT: Pre Agriculture Test Main post: Pre Agricultural Test Pre Agriculture Test or Pre Agricultural Test is also known as PAT. It is an entrance exam for agricultural students. For: 12th studentsTest for: B. Sc. Agriculture Contents (1). How difficult PAT is? (2). Major subjects (3). Criteria (4). How to apply for PAT? (5). How… Continue reading PAT: Pre Agriculture Test

Description Page

Agriculture Description Page This is description page for other posts. (1). Agriculture after 12th Entrance Exam Students have to clear PAT or Pre Agriculture Test. Syllabus or Subject There are 3 major subject: Crop production. Animal husbandry and poultry farming. Elements of agricultural science and mathematics. How much percentage is necessary in 12th to be… Continue reading Description Page

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Rice Bowl of India Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh the Rice Bowl of India Index: Components About Chhattisgarh Meaning Ecological regions Chhattisgarh the Rice Bowl of India CG State or Credible Chhattisgarh Also read: CG Government Schemes (01). About Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh is one of the state of Republic of India. It is a state of Central India which also includes Madhya Pradesh. Hindi… Continue reading Rice Bowl of India Chhattisgarh