Social forestry: Descriptive and MCQ

Social forestry: Descriptive and MCQ, Multiple Choice Objective What is social forestry? Social forestry is plantation or the cultivation practice of such trees which are useful for community development. Social forestry was first time used by Westboy in 1968. Definition 01: According to Westboy- “Social forestry is a forestry which aims at producing flow of… Continue reading Social forestry: Descriptive and MCQ

Systems of Agroforestry

Systems of Agroforestry List of agroforestry systems: Agri + silviculture system. Sylvo + pastoral system. Agro + sylvo + pastoral system. Horti + agri system. Horti + silviculture. Cultivation of biofuel plants. Boundary plantation. Block plantation. Energy plantation. Alley cropping system. Agri + hirticulture system. Silvi + olericulture system. Horti + pasture. Horti + olericulture.… Continue reading Systems of Agroforestry

Forest of India and mcq

Forest of India and mcq Read important information and mcq on forest of India. Topics: Agroforestry, classification of Indian forest, Forest Research Institute, flora and fauna, etc. Type Online mock test Number of mcq 15 Also read: MCQ on forest of India Question 01. Where is forest research institute? (a). Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.(b). Dehradun, Uttarakhand.(c). Thiruvananthapuram,… Continue reading Forest of India and mcq

List of Agroforestry Plants/Trees

Examples agroforestry plants List of agroforestry plants. See examples and descriptions. Major trees of India. Scientific name, family and use. Multiple choice questions on agroforestry. List of contents (A). List of agroforestry plants (B). Description (C). Other plants from the same category (D). Other leguminous plants/trees (A). List of agroforestry plants/trees River tamarind. Teak. Eucalyptus.… Continue reading List of Agroforestry Plants/Trees

Silviculture MCQ For Agroforestry

Silviculture mqc: multiple choice objective questions Silviculture mcq or multiple choice questions for agricultural entrance exams includes following topics: forest and ecosystem, forest trees, coppice and pollarding, systems of silviculture, deforestation, etc. Quiz on Silviculture Major subject Agroforestry No. of questions 25 Last update 13-10-2021 Read following mcq on silviculture Also read: Agroforestry mcq: multiple… Continue reading Silviculture MCQ For Agroforestry