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  • MCQ on Herbicides (Weedicide)

    MCQ on Herbicide Read MCQ on herbicide or weedicide. Herbicide multiple choice question. Weedicide quiz. Weed science MCQ Type Online Mock Test Major subject Agronomy Category Agronomy mcq No. of questions 20 Also read: Weed Science Multiple Choice Objective Questions (MCQ) MCQ on herbicide Question 01. Which was the first major organic chemical herbicide? (a). […]

  • MCQ On Maize: Zea Mays Quiz

    MCQ on maize Read MCQ on maize. Topics: Indtroduction to maize, climatic requirement, soil requirement, cultivation practice, important varieties, breeding programme, irrigation and water management, weed and weed management, harvesting and yield, etc. Type Multiple choice objective questions Major subject Agronomy Category Agricultural MCQ Number of questions 30 Also read: Agronomy MCQ and Answer MCQ […]

  • MCQ On Fibre (Fiber) Crops

    MCQ On Fibre Crops Read MCQ or Multiple Choice Objective Questions on Fibre (fiber) crops. Post MCQ on fibre/fiber crops Type Multiple choice objective questions Category Agronomy mcq Number of questions 40 Also read: Crop Production Objective MCQ MCQ on fibre (fiber) crops Cotton a fiber crop: Introduction Question 01. What is scientific name of […]

  • Sustainable Agriculture (Farming) MCQ

    Sustainable agriculture MCQ: Multiple Choice Objective Questions Read MCQ on sustainable agriculture. Topics: Organic farming, cropping system, Integrated Pest Management, soil and water conservation, tillage, nutrient management practice and other important topics. Name Sustainable farming MCQ Type Online Mock Test, Multiple Choice Objective Questions Major subject Agronomy Number of questions 30 Also read: Agronomy MCQ […]

  • Dryland Agriculture (Farming) MCQ

    Dryland Agriculture MCQ: Dry framing Read quiz on dry framing. Topics: Dry, dryland and rainfed farming. Monsoon and its role in Indian agriculture. Important crops in dryland farming. Very important terminology. Type Multiple choice objective questions Subject/topic Dryland Agriculture Number of questions 20 Also read: Agronomy MCQ and Answer Dryland Agriculture MCQ Answer key will […]

  • MCQ On Irrigation System

    MCQ on Irrigation System: Drip, sprinkler and others Read MCQ on Irrigation System. Topics: Drip system, sprinkler system, ring basin, flood system, mathematical problems, etc. Type Multiple Choice Objective Questions, Online Quiz, Online Mock Test Number of questions 30 Also read: Contingency irrigation MCQ on irrigation system Question 01. Which is the best method of […]

  • Integrated Farming System (IFS) MCQ

    Integrated Farming System MCQ Read important mcq on IFS. Online mock test on Farming System. Quiz on cropping pattern. Major subject is Agronomy. Topics: various. Type Objective questions Number of questions 20+ others Also read: Agronomy MCQ and Answer IFS Multiple Choice Objective Questions Question 01. Which is the major objective of Integrated Farming System? […]

  • Bt Cotton: Important Questions

    Bt Cotton: Important Questions Bt cotton is a GM crop, i.e., it is the genetically modified variety of cotton crop. The technique behind it is known as genetic engineering. In this post, Bt cotton: important questions, we will know about the important things about GM cotton in the form of multiple choice objective questions. Bt […]

  • Crop Production Objective MCQ

    Crop Production Objective MCQ Crop Production Objective MCQ is the part of agronomy mcq and answer. This includes questions from the scientific cultivation of the major and minor field crops. Quiz: Field crop multiple choice questionsType: Objective questionsNo. of questions:Latest update: 29-09-2021 Also read: Precision farming questions and mcq Topics Contents (1). Cultivation practice of […]

  • CRI Stage in Wheat

    The CRI stage in wheat Question 01.Which one of the following is the CRI stage in wheat? (a). 18 days after sowing.(b). 21 days after sowing.(c). 24 days after sowing.(d). 15 days after sowing. Answer: The CRI stage in Wheat is 21 DAS (21 days after sowing). In multiple choice objective question, you will see […]