Veterinary Science MCQ: Objective Questions

Veterinary Science MCQ: Objective Questions Quiz: Animal husbandry online mock test.Type: Objective questions.No. of current questions: 30.Current update: 11 October, 2021.Next update: …. This post, Veterinary Science MCQ Objective Questions, includes important questions for different agricultural competition exams. Major subject is animal husbandry. This post focuses on major diseases of animals and its medication. Contents… Continue reading Veterinary Science MCQ: Objective Questions

Major Diseases of Poultry and Management

Major diseases of poultry and management Post: Major diseases of poultry and their management. Know about the 5 most important diseases of poultry of hens and their management practices. This post ‘Major diseases of poultry and management‘ tells about major diseases of hens and chicks. Key words: Major diseases of hens and chickens, poultry disease… Continue reading Major Diseases of Poultry and Management

Ranikhet Most Characteristics Symptoms

Ranikhet Most Characteristics Symptoms What is Ranikhet Ranikhet or Newcastle disease is a disastrous disease of poultry. It is a viral disease of poultry farm. Due to its severeness, the disease is one of the most economic importance disease of the broiler and layer industries. In this post we will know about the most characteristics… Continue reading Ranikhet Most Characteristics Symptoms

MCQ On Dairy Farming

Multiple Choice Objective Questions: MCQ On Dairy Farming Quiz: MCQ On Dairy FarmingType: Multiple Choice Objective QuestionsNo. of questions: Read objective question on dairy farming. MCQ On Dairy Farming includes objective questions from modern dairy farming. These questions are important for all agricultural competiion exams. Dairy farming multiple choice objective questions: MCQ on dairy farming… Continue reading MCQ On Dairy Farming