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  • Selection of Hen (Chickens) For Poultry Farming

    How to select good hen or chicken for farm List of contents 01: Selection of hen or chicken of egg production 02: Selection of hens for chicken production Summary Also read: Basic Principles of Poultry Farming 01: Selection of hen or chicken of egg production Chickens should be of good breed, at the same time […]

  • Poultry litter uses

    Poultry litter uses In this post, poultry litter uses, we will know that how can we use poultry litter. Contents (1). Farm Yard Manure (2). Biogas plant (3). Organic mulch (4). Production of vermicompost (5). Explanations Also read: How to Get Success in Poultry Farming? (1). Farm Yard Manure What is farm yard manure? FYM […]

  • Tips for duck farming

    Tips for duck farming It is very necessary to know about the basic principles of duckery or duck farming to become successful in this business. In this post we will know about some important tips for duck farming. Tips and basic principles of duck farming Also read: How to get success in poultry farming? Step […]

  • Maximum egg production tips

    Basic rules for getting maximum eggs for hens The main objective of any poultry farm is to get maximum egg production from the egg laying hens or layers. In this post, we will know about some important points for maximum egg production. Keep all things in mind for more benefit. Also read: Basic principles of […]

  • Green diarrhoea in hen

    reen diarrhoea in hens or chickens What is ranikhet ? Chickens are affected by a variety of diseases, including diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and many more. There are many diseases which can easily be identified due to their characteristic symptoms. Among these diseases, ranikhet is the most deadly disease related to chickens. We […]

  • Stages in Development of Egg of Hen

    Stages in Development of Egg of Hen There are two major parts of poultry farming, first is to raise poultry for meat and second to raise poultry for eggs. Egg is the base aspect of both the businesses. Brooding is very important to get chicks from them. Brooding is done naturally by broody chickens. After […]

  • Nutritional value of egg

    Nutritional value of Egg “Health is wealth” is the most common phrase in this world considering human health. Milk and chicken are the excellent sources of body nutrients. Generally we include rice, wheat, a little amount of vegetables in our daily dietary. This doesn’t provide sufficient amount of protein, minerals, and vitamins to our body. […]

  • Major Virus Poultry Diseases and Management

    Major poultry or avian diseases by virus Poultry diseases are the diseases of avian which affect the different breeds of poultry, such as hen, duck, common quail, etc. Bacterial and viral diseases are the two major categories of avian diseases. In this post we, will know about the major poultry diseases caused by the virus. […]

  • Bacterial Poultry Diseases: Symptoms and Management

    Major bacterial poultry diseases Poultry, e.g., hen, duck, quail, especially hens are severely affected by the major avian diseases. We will know about the 4 major bacterial poultry diseases, their symptoms and, control and management practices. List of poultry diseases caused by bacteria: (1). Infectious coryza.(2). C. R. D.(3). Fowl colera.(4). Pullorum disease. Contents (1). […]

  • Major Diseases of Poultry and Management

    Major diseases of poultry and management Post: Major diseases of poultry and their management. Know about the 5 most important diseases of poultry of hens and their management practices. This post ‘Major diseases of poultry and management‘ tells about major diseases of hens and chicks. Key words: Major diseases of hens and chickens, poultry disease […]