List of Natural Enemies

List of the natural enemies of insect pest Also read: Insect Vectors of Plant Diseases List of egg parasitoids S. No. Natural enemy Insect-pests Recommended safe pesticides 1. Telenomus remus Nixon Tabacco caterpillar Monocrotophos, phosalone 2. Trichogramma achaeaeNagaraja and Nagarkatti Spotted bollworm Deltamethrin, monocrotophos, permethrin, phosalone 3. Trichogramma brasiliensis (Ashmead) Gram pod borer Cypermethrin, deltamethrin,… Continue reading List of Natural Enemies

MCQ on Insect-pests of Vegetable Crops

MCQ on Insect-pests of Vegetable Crops This page includes multiple choice objective questions on insect-pests of vegetable crops. Type Multiple choice objective questions Category Entomology mcq, vegetable science Major subject Entomology/ Olericulture Number of questions 35 MCQ on Insect-pests of vegetable crops Insect-pests of potato MCQ Question 01. Which of the following is the cause… Continue reading MCQ on Insect-pests of Vegetable Crops

Mango Shoot Borer: Damages and Control

Mango shoot borer Mango shoot borer is one of the most harmful pest of mango. It is a pest of nursery stage of a mango orchard. This pest cause serious damage to young plants. Incident is very severe during monsoon. Topics: Introduction to mango shoot borer, identification, life cycle, nature of damage, control and management… Continue reading Mango Shoot Borer: Damages and Control

Polyphagous Insect-pest Objective MCQ

Read MCQ on Polyphagous Insect-pests. Topics: Locust and grasshoppers, termites, red hairy caterpillar, Bihar hairy caterpillar, Cutworms. Introduction, life cycle, nature of damage, control measures. Polyphagous Insect-pest Objective MCQ Type Mock Test Major subject Entomology No. of questions 35 Also read: Entomology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Polyphagous Insect-pest MCQ: Locust Question 01. To which… Continue reading Polyphagous Insect-pest Objective MCQ

Household Pests MCQ

Household Pests MCQ Read important multiple choice questions on Household Pests. Topics: Co_ckroach, house cricket, bed bug, human louse, rat flea, mosquito, and other important pests. Household pest mcqs and answer Types Objective questions Number of questions 20 Also read: Entomology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Co_ckroach (01-03) Question 01. What is the scientific name… Continue reading Household Pests MCQ

Vectors of Plant Diseases

‘Vectors of plant diseases‘ or ‘Insect Vectors of Plant Diseases‘ are the Insect-pests from the different orders of the class Insecta. There are many categories of insect vectors: (1). Insect vec. of viruses.(2). Insect vec. of bacteria.(3). Insect vec. of fungi.(4). Insect vec of phytoplasma. Vectors of Plant Diseases Many times a particular insect acts… Continue reading Vectors of Plant Diseases

Entomology mcq pdf download

Entomology mcq PDF free download This page includes entomology mcq pdf files. Download free pdf file. Visit us for more questions. Take part in online mock test series. Solve online quizzes on entomology. (A). Topics: Entomology mcq pdf Contents (1). Animals of economic importance (2). Pests population and crop losses (3). Legislative, cultural, and chemical… Continue reading Entomology mcq pdf download