Important objective mcq on insecticides

Important objective mcq on insecticides Read objective mcq on insecticides. This post includes questions from organochlorides, organophosphates, carbamates, pyrethroids, neonicotinoids, insect growth regulators, biological pesticides, and others. Objective questions on insecticides Also read: Entomology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Question 01. What is the mode of action of DDT? (a). DDT functions by opening sodium channels in… Continue reading Important objective mcq on insecticides

MCQ on Lac Culture (Questions)

MCQ on Lac Culture (Questions) Read MCQ on Lac Culture, or Lac Cultivation, or Lac Farming. This post includes Objective Questions from the major subject entomology. These are multiple choice objective questions. Quiz: Lac cultivation multiple choice questionsType: Objective questionsNo. of questions:Latest update: 26-09-2021 Topics Contents (1). Introduction to lac (2). Species of lac (3).… Continue reading MCQ on Lac Culture (Questions)

Apiculture MCQ Objective Questions

Apiculture MCQ Objective Questions This post ‘Apiculture MCQ Objective Questions‘ includes the important Objective Questions on Apiculture or Beekeeping. Read these Multiple Choice Questions on Apiculture. These questions are the part of our agricultural competitive exam preparation posts. Quiz: Multiple choice questions on apiculture (multiple choice questions on beekeeping)Type: Objective questionsNumbers of questions:Latest update: 26-09-2021… Continue reading Apiculture MCQ Objective Questions