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  • How to get subsidy for mulching: Department of horticulture

    How to get subsidy for mulching from the department of horticulture? What is mulching? Mulching is an advanced agricultural technology. It is a practice of covering soil by using any artificial or live things. For example, plastic mulch is a type of artificial mulch while soil mulch is a type of natural mulch. It provides […]

  • April Growing Vegetable Crops

    April growing vegetable crops: vegetable cultivation in April Which vegetable crop is grown in April month? In this post, we will know about the name of some vegetable crops which are cultivated in April. Also read: Pot vegetable farming Here is the list of vegetable crops grown in the month of April S.N. Vegetable 01. […]

  • Bit 14 Error: Problem in Solar Panel Pump System

    Bit 14 Error: Solar Panel Pump System I am facing Bit 14 Error problem in my solar power driven ‘Solar Panel Pump System’. It is very confusing problem in a solar PV system. Major issue Saur sujala yojana Related field Agriculture, Horticulture, Farms. Common problem in a SPVP system are as follows: Fault 01 Bit […]

  • Utera Cultivation

    Utera Cultivation Utera cultivation of utera kheti is a method of cultivation in which sowing of second crop is done just after the harvesting of paddy crop. This method is very popular in central India. It is also known as paira kheti (पैरा खेती). What is utera fasal? उतेरा फसल (Utera Fasal), मिश्रित फसल का […]

  • Steps in SRI Method of Rice

    Steps in SRI method of rice cultivation In the year 1983, Father Henry De Lauleni developed a method to achieve more rice production from per unit area. This method is known as the Madagascar technique. And it is very popular as SRI method or the System of Rice Intensification. List of contents (01). Importance of […]

  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra: KVK Pathalgaon

    Krishi Vigyan Kendra: KVK Pathalgaon, Jashpur इस पोस्ट में हम कृषि विज्ञान केंद्र पत्थलगांव के बारे में जानेंगे। इसकी स्थिति, उद्देश्य, कार्य, महत्व, और उपलब्धियों के बारे में जानेंगे। हम यह भी जानेंगे की एक अनुसंधान संस्था होने के नाते क्षेत्रीय कृषि के विकास में इसकी क्या भूमिका है। Know about KVK or Krishi Vigyan […]

  • Which is the best fencing pole?

    Fencing fencing pole is a component of boundry fence. It is also known as boundary pole. There are different types of boundary poles. Durability and affordability are two basic requirements of poles by farm owners. Types of fencing poles Cement poles. Iron poles. Wooden poles. Stone poles. Live poles. Contents (1). Cement poles (2). Iron […]

  • Compost making for button mushroom

    Long method of compost making for button mushroom What is compost for button mushroom? It is a decayed organic material which is used as a media for growing mushroom. Why is it necessary? Composting is necessary for the following reasons: Reason 01: Straw becomes soft. The weight of wet straw is 550-600 kg/m^3. Reason 02: […]

  • Drumstick is a Highly Profitable Vegetable

    Drumstick: The Highly Profitable Vegetable crop Which is the highly profitable vegetable crop? Drumstick is the highly profitable vegetable. In this post will know about the cultivation practice of annual moringa, medicinal values and its marketing. General information: Common name: Drum stick (ड्रम स्टिक)Other names: Moringa, munga (मुनगा), Sahjan (सहजन)Scientific name: Moringa oleifera L.Family: MoringaceaeChromosome number: […]

  • Organic nutrients source for plants

    Organic nutrients source for plants Source of plant nutrients: The modern-day farmers are depended on high tech agriculture. They use various components of advance agriculture to get commercial successful in the field of farming or agribusiness. Commercial and regular cropping results in the rapid loss of soil fertility, that’s why farmers use a large amount […]