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  • MCQ on Xeriscaping

    MCQ on Xeriscaping Read MCQ on Xeriscaping. Type Online quiz, Mock Test Major subject Floriculture and landscape gardening No. of questions 20 Keywords: Xeriscaping, xerophytes, zeroscaping, desert landscaping, xeriscape. Also read: MCQ on Succulent Plants MCQ on xeriscaping: Multiple choice questions Question 01. What type of plants are most suitable for xeriscaping? (a). Cacti plants(b). […]

  • MCQ on Succulent Plants

    MCQ on Succulent Plants Read MCQ on Succulent Plants Type Multiple Choice Objective Questions Category Agricultural Entrance Exams Topic Desert Vegetation Major Subject Horticulture No. of questions 21 Also read: MCQ On Ornamental Horticulture MCQ on Succulent Plants: Cacti plants Question 01. Which of the following species of aloe doesn’t have stem? (a). Aloe vera(b). […]

  • MCQ on Floriculture: CET, JRF, SRF, NET

    MCQ on Floriculture: CET, JRF, SRF, NET Read MCQs on Floriculture. Multiple choice objective questions. Online quiz. Online mock test. Topics: Gardens, gardening, flower trade, cut flowers, loose flowers, landscaping, xeriscaping, flower breeding, national flowers, cut green, physiological disorders, others. Type Multiple choice objective questions Major subject Floriculture Number of questions 35 Related exams CET, […]

  • MCQ on Breeding of Flower Crops

    MCQ on flower breeding: Breeding of ornamental crops Post MCQ on breeding of flower crops Type Multiple choice objective questions Category Floriculture mcq Number of questions 30 Major subject Floriculture Also read: Floriculture Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) MCQ on flower breeding Question 01. Which of the following has resulted through natural hybridization in bougainvilea? (a). […]

  • Browning in Thuja Plant

    Browning in Thuja plant General information Common Name Thuja Scientific Name Thuja spp. Family Cupressaceae 2n 22 Type Coniferous, foliage plant Origin Asia and North America Uses Ornamental Landscape Gardening Also read: Landscape Gardening Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Thuja is a coniferous plant or tree. It is a type of shrub. Hence it is a […]

  • Physiological Disorders of Flower Plants

    Physiological Disorders of Flower Plants Unsolved questions. Also read: Floriculture Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Multiple choice questions (Physiological Disorders of Flowers) Question 01. Blind shoot is a physiological disorder of which flower plant? (a). Rose. (b). Carnation.(c). Dahlia.(d). Gladiolus. Question 02. To which disorder is the proliferation of petals in carnation related? (a). Sleepiness.(b). Curly tip.(c). […]

  • Cut Flowers Multiple Choice Questions

    Read Multiple Choice Question or MCQ written on Cut Flowers Multiple Choice Questions. Cut flowers is an important topic in floriculture. Here, in this post we have explained about some important questions from the topic cut flowers. These questions are important for the various agricultural competition exams such as ICAR JRF, SRF, NET, BHU, State […]

  • Quiz on gladiolus

    Quiz on gladiolus Important quiz on gladiolus Take quiz on gladiolus. Read multiple choice objective questions. Online mock test on G. communis. Topics: Introduction, cultivation practice, insect-pests management, and post harvest technology of gladiolus. Type Online mock test No. of questions 20 Writer Krishi Coaching Also read: Floriculture Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Question 01. What is […]

  • MCQ on gardens of India

    MCQ on gardens of India New questions, or multiple choice questions, or MCQ on Gardens of India. Topics: Mughal, Persian, Botanical, English, and Japanese Gardens. Keep visiting for new questions. These questions are related with gardening. Major subject is Landscape Gardening. Type Multiple choice No. of questions 30 Last updated 27-10-2021 Also read: Ornamental shrubs […]

  • Ornamental Shrubs List

    Ornamental Shrubs List This post includes the list of beautiful shrub plants. Tables include common name, scientific name, family, flower colours, flowering period and characteristics of 30 important Ornamental Shrubs. Ornamental shrubs List: Table 01 (10 of 30) Also read: Ornamental climbers list S.N. Shrub Sci. Name Family Flower colour Flowering period Characteristics 1. Abelia […]