Steps in Bonsai Making

Steps in Bonsai Making Know about the steps in bonsai making. Bonsai is an art of expressing the beauty of nature in the form of miniature plants which is the replica of its developed stage. Technically, it is the nature in miniature. Bonsai is consists of two words, Bon and Sai. Bon means tray or… Continue reading Steps in Bonsai Making

Pot vegetable farming

What is pot vegetable farming? Pot is a type of container which is used for growing ornamental plants. Plastic, cement, and earthen pots are the three types of pots.Pot vegetable farming is a new concept of vegetable growing in which different vegetables such as tomato, brinjal, chilli, okra, etc., are grown in a pot. Contents… Continue reading Pot vegetable farming

Steps in topiary making

Steps in topiary making Know about the steps in topiary making. What is a topiary? Topiary is an art of giving a desired shape to any live plant. A topiary maker tries to alter the shape of a plant into a bird, an animal, or any other interesting thing. Also read: Ornamental shrubs list Definition… Continue reading Steps in topiary making

Propagation methods in fruit plants

Propagation methods in fruit plants There are many methods of propagation in fruit plants. Among them, grafting, budding, and layering are the most popular methods. We approach different techniques for each fruit plant. (A). List of propagation methods in fruit plants: (1). Division.(2). Cutting.(3). Layering.(4). Budding.(5). Grafting. (1). Division It is a method of propagation… Continue reading Propagation methods in fruit plants