MCQ On Dragon Fruit

MCQ on dragon fruit Read mcq on dragon Also read: MCQ on Cactus (Cacti) Plants Dragon fruit mcq: Multiple choice objective questions Question 01. To which region is the dragon fruit indigenous? (a). Americas(b). China(c). Sahara desert(d). Kalahari desert Question 02. What is the scientific name of dragon fruit? (a). Stenocereus gummosus(b). Selenicereus costaricensis(c). Hylocereus undatus(d).… Continue reading MCQ On Dragon Fruit

MCQ on Bulb Crops

MCQ on Bulb Crops: Multiple Choice Questions Read MCQ on Bulb Plants. Topics: Onion, Garlic, Shallot, leek, chive, scallion and others. Type Multiple choice objective questions Major subject Olericulture Category Olericulture MCQ No. of questions 20 MCQ on Bulb Plants: Onion Question 01. A shallot can easily be differentiated from an onion because (a). Shallots… Continue reading MCQ on Bulb Crops

MCQ on Cactus (Cacti) Plants

MCQ on Cactus (cacti) Plants Read mcq on cactus (cacti) plants. Topics: General description, commercial species and varieties, cultivation practice. Type Multiple Choice Objective Questions Subject Horticulture Category Cacti plants No. of questions 20 Also read: MCQ on Succulent Plants MCQ on cactus plants Question 01. Which is the most conmon culinary species? (a). Indian… Continue reading MCQ on Cactus (Cacti) Plants

MCQ On Ornamental Horticulture

MCQ on Ornamental Horticulture Type Multiple choice objective questions Category Horticulture MCQ Major subject Floriculture Number of questions 25 Also read: Floriculture Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) MCQ: Ornamental Horticulture Question 01. Le Notre developed which type of gardens? (a). Italian(b). English(c). French(d). Japanese Question 02. Who developed Sim’s Park Conoor, Tamil Nadu in 1874? (a).… Continue reading MCQ On Ornamental Horticulture

MCQ On Green House Cultivation

MCQ On Green House Cultivation: Part 01 Subject Olericulture Category MCQ Number of questions 30 Type Multiple choice objective questions, mock test, online quiz Also read: Protected Cultivation MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions MCQ on green house Question 01. For which climate is a low cost green house suitable? (a). Cold climate zone(b). Hot climate zone(c).… Continue reading MCQ On Green House Cultivation

JRF Horticulture Important Questions

JRF Horticulture: Important Questions JRF Horticulture Questions NRC in floriculture: Pune ISI new name: Bureao of Indian standards Rastrapati garden designer: Sir Edward Glutis SO2 toxicity indicater plant: Epiphytic lichens Also read: Horticulture Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) JRF Floriculture CMS observed in ageratum Heliconia family: Musaceae Glandiforum rose: hybrid tea × floribunda International flowe market:… Continue reading JRF Horticulture Important Questions

SHDO Model Questions With Answers

SHDO Model Questions With Answers This page includes SHDO Model Questions With Answers. Topics: Vegetable science or olericulture, fruit science or pomology, flower science or floriculture, Post Harvest Technology, Agricultural Institutes, recent advances in agriculture, other important topics. Post Senior Horticulture Development Officer Model Questions With Answers Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Objective Questions Number of… Continue reading SHDO Model Questions With Answers

Plantation Crops MCQ

Plantation crops MCQ: Objective Questions Read MCQ on plantation crops. Topics: Tea, coconut, arecanut, cashewnut, palmyrah, coffee, rubber, cocoa, oil palm. Type Multiple Choice Objective Questions Number of questions 50 Also read: MCQ On Fruit Science Plantation crops MCQ Quiz on tea Question 01. Which type of crop is tea? Go to answer key page… Continue reading Plantation Crops MCQ

Viticulture MCQ (Quiz)

Viticulture MCQ (Quiz) Read multiple choice objective questions on Viticulture. Topics: Introduced to grape: History, botany, species, varieties. cultivation practice of grape: Climate, soil, varieties, method of planting, irrigation, manuring, propagation, pruning, insect-pests management, post harvest handling, other important topics. Type Multiple Choice Questions Number of questions 30 Also read: Pomology Multiple Choice Questions Question… Continue reading Viticulture MCQ (Quiz)

MCQ On Fruit Science

MCQ on fruit science Read very important mcq on fruit science. Visit answer key page to know right answer. These Multiple choice objective questions are important for major agricultural and horticultural entrance examinations, such as ICAR and State Agricultural University Common Entrance Test. Quiz Pomology multiple choice objective questions Type objective Also read: Pomology Multiple… Continue reading MCQ On Fruit Science