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  • Pectin Rich Fruits Examples

    Pectin rich fruits examples What is pectin? Pectin is a chemical substance which belongs to the group carbohydrate. It is a water soluble chemical substance.  It forms a sticky material with sugar and acid. Pectin has D-galacturonic acid and it’s methyl esters. In this example we will see the Examples of some Pectin Rich Fruits. […]

  • Water Activity in Fruits and Vegetables

    What is Water Activity in Fruits and Vegetables? A microorganism such as fungi may harm fruits and vegetables when there is a sufficient amount of moisture is present. The activity of an enzyme also depends on the amount of moisture present in fruits and vegetables. Dehydration is a process which decreases the moisture content present […]

  • Alarm Water

    Alarm Water In 1957, Scott determined the maximum moisture content in dry fruits and vegetables for the proper guidance regarding storage stability. What is alarm water? Alarm water is an indicator point which shows the storage stability of dry fruits and vegetables. Post: Alarm waterMajor subject: HorticultureInventor of the theory: Scott Fields: Olericulture or vegetable […]

  • Horticultural Medicinal Plants

    Horticultural Medicinal Plants Medicinal plants are the plants which contains medicinal properties. List 01: Flower plants with medical properties Rose. Madagascar periwinkle. Marigold. Tuberose. List 02: Grass plant Citronella grass. Doob grass. List 03: Spices and condiments Turmeric. Ginger. Onion. Garlic. Also read: Mango plantation Brief description Rose Medicinal part: Hip of rose is of […]

  • Beautiful Lawn: Steps in Lawn Making

    Steps in Lawn Making Lawn is a piece of land which is covered with live or artificial grass. This post, ‘Beautiful lawn: Steps in Lawn making‘, describe the method and and procedure of lawn making. Index S. N. Contents 1. Selection of site 2. Preparation of land 3. Methods of lawn making Also read: Horticultural […]

  • Disease of potato

    Early Blight of Potato: Cause, Symptoms, Disease Cycle and Management Note: Images will be updated What is Early Blight of Potato? Early Blight of Potato is very common disease of potato wherever potato is grown. The attack of the disease can be seen in each potato growing country. Also, it is a very common disease […]

  • Horticulture Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

    Horticulture Multiple Choice Questions Horticulture Multiple Choice Questions includes topics from the following 4 Subjects: Pomology (See MCQ). Olericulture (See MCQ). Post Harvest Technology. Floriculture (See MCQ). JRF Multiple Choice Questions.SRF Questions.Agriculture NET Questions.State Agriculture University CET MCQ.IBPS AFO Multiple Choice Questions.BHU UET MCQ. Horticulture MCQ PDF No. of MCQ 500 Price 35.00 Answer Key […]