Crop Regulation in Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a tropical and sub-tropical fruit plant. It is a major commercial fruit plant of Maharastra and Gujarat in India. It is similiar to crop regulation in guava Like guava crop regulation is also adopted in pomegranate for bahar treatment to get more quality fruits. Pomegranate Crop Regulation The pomegranate starts fruiting in about… Continue reading Crop Regulation in Pomegranate

Scientific Cultivation of Apple

Scientific Cultivation Practice of Apple King of temperate fruit cropsBotanical name: Malus pumila Family: RosaceaeOrigin: Asia Minor to western HimalayaType of fruit: PomeEdible portion: Fleshy thalamusChromosome number: X =17, 2n=34, 51.Production: Himachal Pradesh, J & K, and some parts of U.P. which accountsnearly 90% of total production. Also read: Pear Cultivation Guidance Climate Chilling hours… Continue reading Scientific Cultivation of Apple

Cultivation of Sweet Orange

Sweet orange cultivation practice About citrus group Botanical name: Citrus spp.Family: RutaceaeSub-family: Aurantaoideae.Fruit type: Modified berry, called – HesperidiumEdible portion: Juicy placental hairs.Citrus groupsSweet orange: Citrus sinensisGrape fruit: Citrus paradisePummelo: Citrus grandisAcid lime: Citrus aurantifolia.Sweet lemon: Citrus limmettoidesLemon: Citrus limonMandarin: Citrus raticulata. Also read: Propagation methods in fruit plants Sweet orange cultivation Botanical name: Citrus… Continue reading Cultivation of Sweet Orange

Easily Available Soil Media for Litchi Air Layering

Easily Available Soil Media for Air Layering in Litchi Post Easily available soil media for litchi air layering Category Gardening Subject Pomology or Fruit Science About litchi Litchi is also spelled as lychee. It is a tropical fruit crop. The litchi is a delicious fruit and generally consumed as a table fruit. It is one… Continue reading Easily Available Soil Media for Litchi Air Layering

Crop Regulation in Guava

Crop regulation in guava Guava: Common introduction Crop regulation in guava English name Guava Hindi name अमरुद Other name Apple of Tropics Scientific name Psidium guajava Linn Family Myrtaceae Chromosome number 2n=44 Origin Tropical America Also read: Basics of Guava Cultivation Guava (Psidium guajava Linn) is a tropical fruit crop. It can also be grown… Continue reading Crop Regulation in Guava

5 Regular Bearing Varieties of Mango

Regular bearing varieties of mango About mango Common name Mango English name Mango Hindi name आम (Aam) Other names King of fruits Scientific name Mangifera indica L. Family Anacardiaceae Wild relatives Mangifera sylvetica Mango (Mangifera indica L.) is considered the king of fruits. It is one of the choicest to mankind in India. The mango… Continue reading 5 Regular Bearing Varieties of Mango

Peach Cultivation in Hilly and Plains

Peach cultivation in healy and plain areas Peach: Basic information English name Peach Hindi name आडू (adoo or aadu) Botanical name Prunus persica batsch Family Rosaceae Origin place China Chromosome number X = 8, 2n =16 Type of fruit Drupe Edible portion Mesocarp and epicarp It is a temperature fruit which is rich in protein,… Continue reading Peach Cultivation in Hilly and Plains

Important things in epicotyl grafting in mango

5 Important things in epicotyl or stone grafting in mango Epicotyl grafting or stone grafting is a method of grafting or plant propagation in mango. In this method of plant propagation, rootstock is a seedling of mango which is still attached to stone or seedcoat. Questions related to the method of plant propagation S.No. Important… Continue reading Important things in epicotyl grafting in mango

Basics of Papaya Cultivation

Introduction to papaya Common name Papaya Scientific name Carica papaya Another name Apple of paradise Family Caricaceae Origin Tropical America Chromosome number X = 9, 2n =18, 36 Fruit Type Berry Edible portion Mesocarp Papya cultivation practice Also read: Grape Cultivation: Varieties, propagation, and diseases Importance It is highly nutritive and has medicinal value. Tropical… Continue reading Basics of Papaya Cultivation

Grape Cultivation: Varieties, propagation, and diseases

Grape cultivation: Varieties, propagation, diseases and more 01: Grape cultivation Botanical name Vistis vinifera michx. Family Vitaceae Origin Mediterian region (Between Black sea to Caspian Sea) Chromosome number 2n = 38 Fruit type Berry Edible portion pericarp and placentae 02: Distribution Natural habitat is temperate climate. It is mostly cultivated in peninsular India accounting 90… Continue reading Grape Cultivation: Varieties, propagation, and diseases