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  • 5 Regular Bearing Varieties of Mango

    Regular bearing varieties of mango About mango Common name Mango English name Mango Hindi name आम (Aam) Other names King of fruits Scientific name Mangifera indica L. Family Anacardiaceae Wild relatives Mangifera sylvetica Mango (Mangifera indica L.) is considered the king of fruits. It is one of the choicest to mankind in India. The mango […]

  • Peach Cultivation in Hilly and Plains

    Peach cultivation in healy and plain areas Peach: Basic information English name Peach Hindi name आडू (adoo or aadu) Botanical name Prunus persica batsch Family Rosaceae Origin place China Chromosome number X = 8, 2n =16 Type of fruit Drupe Edible portion Mesocarp and epicarp It is a temperature fruit which is rich in protein, […]

  • Important things in epicotyl grafting in mango

    5 Important things in epicotyl or stone grafting in mango Epicotyl grafting or stone grafting is a method of grafting or plant propagation in mango. In this method of plant propagation, rootstock is a seedling of mango which is still attached to stone or seedcoat. Questions related to the method of plant propagation S.No. Important […]

  • Basics of Papaya Cultivation

    Introduction to papaya Common name Papaya Scientific name Carica papaya Another name Apple of paradise Family Caricaceae Origin Tropical America Chromosome number X = 9, 2n =18, 36 Fruit Type Berry Edible portion Mesocarp Papya cultivation practice Also read: Grape Cultivation: Varieties, propagation, and diseases Importance It is highly nutritive and has medicinal value. Tropical […]

  • Grape Cultivation: Varieties, propagation, and diseases

    Grape cultivation: Varieties, propagation, diseases and more 01: Grape cultivation Botanical name Vistis vinifera michx. Family Vitaceae Origin Mediterian region (Between Black sea to Caspian Sea) Chromosome number 2n = 38 Fruit type Berry Edible portion pericarp and placentae 02: Distribution Natural habitat is temperate climate. It is mostly cultivated in peninsular India accounting 90 […]

  • Scientific Cultivation of Pineapple

    Scientific cultivation of pineapple or Ananas comosus The scientific cultivation of pineapple covers following topics: Botanical description Distribution Soil and climatic requirements Propagation Choice of varieties Planting Irrigation Insect-pests Harvesting Post harvest technology Other important topics Common name Pineapple Botanical name Ananas comosus L. Family Bromeliaceae Chromosome number X = 25, 2n = 50, 75, […]