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  • MCQ On GM Crops

    MCQ On GM Crops Read MCQ on GM or Genetically Modified Crops. Post MCQ on GM Crops Type Quiz, Multiple Choice Objective Questions Topics Genetically modified cotton, rice, maize, soybean, tomato and others Number of questions 22 Also read: GM Potato Varieties (Cultivars) GM Crop MCQ: Introduction Question 01. Which is considered the first transgenic […]

  • Steps in Vegetable Seed Production Programme

    4 steps in vegetable seed production programme What is seed production? Seed production is a step by step procedure of commercial production of vegetable seeds. Objectives Production of quality seeds for local market. Development of new varieties. Production of seeds for agribusiness. Seed production for farmers. Production of quality seeds for local market: professional and […]

  • Isolation distance of different crops

    What is isolation distance? Isolation distance is the specified distance from a known or potential contaminant. An acceptable level of contamination is expected from that object. Major subject Plant breeding Category Plant breeding and genetics Type Educational, B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Agriculture Also read: Plant Breeding Objective Questions This page will be updated soon Why […]

  • Genetic Engineering One Liner Solved Questions

    This page includes some important points of genetic engineering and answer key for MCQs. Name: Genetic engineering one liner solved questions. Also read: Plant Breeding, Genetics, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Answer Key 1. a 6. d 2. a 7. d 3. c 8. b 4. c 9. b 5. c 10. b Go to MCQ […]

  • MCQ On IPR: Objective Questions

    MCQ on IPR: Objective Questions Read MCQ on IPR or Intellectual Property Rights. Topics: Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights, Plant Breeders’ Rights, copyright, patent and trademark, Plant variety protection act, 2001. Plant breeder na farmer. Also read: Plant Breeding Objective Questions Type Online Mock Test Major subject Genetics and plant breeding Number of questions 25 […]

  • Genetics and Plant Breeding Important Terminologies

    Plant Breeding and Genetics: Important Terminologies Read some important terminologies on genetics and plant breeding. Also read: Plant breeding and genetics multiple choice questions Important terminology: Plant breeding Sequnce A to T (01). A 1.1: Acclimatization It refers to adaption or adjustment of an introduced variety to the new environment. 1.2: A line A line […]

  • Quiz On Plant Tissue Culture

    Quiz On Plant Tissue Culture Plant Tissue Culture Multiple Choice Objective Questions. MCQ on Cell Culture. Read objective questions with answers. It is important for all agricultural competition exams such as ICAR, State Agricultural University Common Entrance Test, and non agricultural competition exams. List of contents (01). Multiple choice questions (02). Answer key (03). Explanations […]

  • GM Potato Varieties (Cultivars)

    What is GM potato? GM POTATO is genetically modified species/cultivar of potato. The technology used behind it, is known as “Genetic Engineering”. It is a technology used to modify the genomic(gene) sequence in a plant. The technology is applied in the field of Plant Breeding and Genetic Engineering. In this post we will know about […]

  • Cytology Objective MCQ

    Cytology Objective MCQ Read important questions or mcq on cytology. Cell biology mcq or multiple choice objective questions. Important questions for agricultural students. Biology questions for B.Sc. Agricultural students. Cytology or cell biology multiple choice questions Also read: Plant Breeding Objective Questions Plant Biotechnology MCQ Multiple Choice Questions Question 01. Who coined the phrase “Power […]

  • Bt Cotton: Important Questions

    Bt Cotton: Important Questions Bt cotton is a GM crop, i.e., it is the genetically modified variety of cotton crop. The technique behind it is known as genetic engineering. In this post, Bt cotton: important questions, we will know about the important things about GM cotton in the form of multiple choice objective questions. Bt […]