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  • Seed Dormancy: Treatment For Better Germination

    Breaking Seed Dormancy for Better and Enhanced Germination Topic Seed dormancy Major subject Plant physiology What is dormancy? Dormancy is the hindered development and reversible rest period of plant organs either of a seed or any vegetative part. What is seed dormancy? Seed dormancy is a biological condition where a seed is fail to germinate […]

  • MCQ On Essential Plant Nutrients

    MCQ on essential plant nutrients: Important objective questions with description Read MCQ on Essential Plant Nutrients. Topics: Criteria of essentially, classification of plant nutrients, macro and micronutrients, role of plant nutrients, deficiency symptoms of plant nutrients and other important topics. Post MCQ On Plant Elements Topic Plant nutrients Major subject Plant physiology, Soil science Category […]

  • Photosynthesis One Liner

    Photosynthesis one liner and important points 1. c 6. d 2. a 7. b 3. b 8. a 4. d 9. a 5. a 10. c Go to MCQ Page 11. b 16. d 12. d 17. d 13. b 18. c 14. b 19. c 15. d 20. a Go to MCQ Page 21. […]

  • New MCQ On Photosynthesis

    MCQ on photosynthesis Read MCQ on photosynthesis. Topics: Introduction to Photosynthesis, photosynthetic pigments, light dependent reactions, dark reaction or Calvin cycle, other important topics. Type Multiple Choice Objective Questions Number of questions 30 Category Plant physiology Also read: Plant Physiology MCQ With Answers Photosynthesis MCQ Answer key link after each 5th MCQ Question 01. Where […]

  • Plant Physiology MCQ With Answers

    Plant physiology MCQ: Objective questions with answers Read questions on Plant Physiology. Multiple choice objective questions (MCQ). Topics: Introduction to plant physiology, soil plant relationship, plant nutrients, micro and macro nutrients, plant cell and functions, photosynthesis, light reaction, dark reaction, photorespiration, transpiration, Plant Growth Regulators, physiological disorders of fruit-plants, physiological disorders of vegetable-plants, and physiological […]

  • PGR MCQ: Plant Growth Regulators (Phytohormones)

    PGR MCQ: Plant Growth Regulators or Plant Growth Hormones Read objective questions on PGR (Plant Growth Regulators) or phytohormones. Topics: Auxin, gibberllin, cytokinin, ABA, ethylene, brassinosteroids. Type Online Mock Test Test number 01 Number of questions 25 Also read: Plant Physiology MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Plant Growth Regulators MCQ Question 01. Which one is a […]

  • Cause of Greening in Potato Tubers

    Greening in potato tubers Potato Greening or Greening in Potato (allu mein harapan or आलू में हरापन) is a general problem in potato when tubers in potato field get exposed to direct sunlight. It is seen in uncovered potato tubers in the field. Index S. No. Heading(s) 1. Cause 2. Result 3. About solanine 4. […]