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  • Wild Brinjal Seed: Buy at Best Price

    Wild Brinjal Seeds: Buy Online at Best Price Policy and Disclaimer You will buy this product to use for the following purposes: Rootstock in commercial grafting. Ornamental plant in home garden. As a vegetable plant. Product description IN STOCK *23 people have ordered since last 7 days 1500 pure seeds @ ₹300.00 INR (shipping cost […]

  • Perennial Pigeon Pea Seeds: Redgram

    Perennial Pigeon Pea Seeds: Redgram Buy perennial pigeon pea seeds at Rs. 35.00. It is an original indigenous variety of perennial redgram. This species of redgram is very ideal for a kitchen garden. Barahmasi arhar seeds (बारहमासी अरहर बीज). Description: Perennial Pigeon Pea Seeds Soil All types of soils Tolerant to Sterility mosaic Resitant to […]