Pat Regions Chhattisgarh

What is Pat region? ‘Pat or ‘पाट’ in Hindi’ is as higher region. It is the top or the highest point. Pat is the characteristic feature of the Western extension of the ‘Chhota Nagpur ka Pathar’, or the Northernmost hilly areas of the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Contents (1). Importance (2). Characteristics (3). Climate (4).… Continue reading Pat Regions Chhattisgarh

Sarna Puja and Agriculture

Sarna Puja ( सरना पूजा) and Agriculture Sarna Puja is a tradition or religious rite, or in broader context it is the whorship of Rural Deity which is known as ‘ग्राम्य देवता’। Sarna Puja (सरना पूजा) छत्तीसगढ़ की परम्पराएं। ग्राम्य देवता। ग्राम पूजा। सरना पूजा क्या है? (What is Sarna Puja?) सरना पूजा या Sarna… Continue reading Sarna Puja and Agriculture