Centrifugal Pump Troubleshooting 02

Centrifugal pumps are one of the most important pump set. Previous post ‘Troubleshooting in Centrifugal Pump‘ focuses on water discharge or water delivery problem of a centrifugal pump. In this post ‘Centrifugal Pump Troubleshooting 02‘, we will know about the problem related with the different parts of a centrifugal pump and its remedy or troubleshooting.

(A). List of Problems

  • Pump takes too much power
  • Stuffing box leaks excessively
  • Noisy pump
  • Overheating of pump

(B). Troubleshooting of centrifugal pump

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B1: Pump takes too much power

S. N.CausesExplanationTrouble Shooting
1.SpeedSpeed is too muchReduce the speed.
2.Height of headWhen pump head is highCheck it during the time of purchase.
3. AlignmentIf there is a parallel misalignmentChek the alignment.
4.AlignmentIf there is a angular misalignmentCheck the alignment.
5.Stuffing boxIf stuffing box is too tightLoosen the gland packing.
6.PackingIf there is improper packingCheck the packing.
7.Wearing ringA worn wearing ringReplace it.

B2: Stuffing box leaks excessively

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S. N.CausesExplanationTrouble Shooting
1.Worn packing1. Worn packing.
2. Lack of lubrication.
1. Replace packing.
2. Do proper lubrication.
2.Packing Packing is not correctly insertedRemove packings and inset correctly in the stuffing box.
3.Shaft sleevesWorn shaft sleevesReplace

B3: Noisy pump

S. N.CausesExplationTrouble Shooting
1.Suction pipeSuction pump not completely filled with waterDo proper priming.
2.Height of suction liftSuction lift is too highLower it nearer to water source.
3.Foot valve sizeWhen foot valve is too smallReplace it.
4.Shaft When shaft is bentRepaie or replace it.
5.Rotating partswhen it is not straightStraigt it.
6.Bearingsimilar to earlierReplace it.
7.MisalignmentMisalignment of pump and driving unitAlign it correctly.
8.FoundationWhen foundation is not rigidTight it using bolts.

B2: Overheating of pump

S. N.CausesExplationTrouble Shooting
1.PrimingWhen there is not proper primingDo it properly.
2.BearingSame as previousReplace it.
3.Rotating shaftLack of lubricationDo proper lubrication.
4.Packing glandsWhen it is too tightLoosen it.

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