CG Food Inspector Exam: 2022 Questions

CG Food Inspector Questions 2022

This page includes mcq or multiple choice objective questions from CG Food Inspector Examination 2022. The sequence of the questions may be different from the original booklet.

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CG Food Inspector MCQ

Question 01. What is the meaning of the following riddle?

Ek rukh mein tein sag

(a). Munga
(b). Khera
(c). Charota
(d). Aloo

Question 02. What is the meaning of the following idiom?

Daga kahun ke saga nahi

(a). The relatives deceive
(b). Anybody can deceive
(c). People get deceived in odds
(d). None of the above

Question 03. Which tribe of Chhattisgarh got its name because of its arrow making?

(a). Jhara
(b). Dhanwar
(c). Bhunjiya
(d). Kandara

Question 04. To which tribe does the dahaka dance belong?

(a). Pardhan
(b). Dorla
(c). Kole
(d). Uraon

Question 05. When did Gandhi withdraw the famous non-cooperation movement?

(a). 12 February, 1922
(b). 5 February, 1922
(c). 8 March, 1922
(d). 12 march, 1922

CG Khadya Nirikshak Pariksha 2022

Question 06. Where is the ornament lukri worn?

(a). Ear
(b). Neck
(c). Nose
(d). Arm

Question 07. In the saga ‘Sitaram Nayak’, who was Sitaram?

(a). Nomad or Banjara
(b). Tribal chief
(c). Kalchuri ruler
(d). Shephered

Question 08. Against which type of pollution is green mufler used?

(a). Soil pollution
(b). Air pollution
(c). Noise pollution
(d). Water pollution

Question 09. Which of the following crop is different from others?

(a). Sorghum
(b). Pearl millet
(c). Barley
(d). Maize

Question 10. To provide water in Naya Raipur, at which place is Anicut constructed across Mahanadi?

(a). Tila
(b). Rajim
(c). Amsena
(d). Arang

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Food Inspector Questions 2022

Question 11. Which of the following valley of Himalaya is called doon and dwar?

(a). Greater Himalaya
(b). Lesser Himalaya
(c). Eastern Himalaya
(d). Shivalik Himalaya

Question 12. In how many morphological regions is India divided?

(a). Two parts
(b). Four parts
(c). Three parts
(d). Five parts

Question 13. Which of the following air pollutant inhibits the cilia action?

(a). Sulphur dioxide
(b). Nitrogen oxide
(c). Hydrogen cyanide
(d). Carbon monoxide

Question 14. Which city of India belongs to ‘No Risk Zone-I’ of earthquake?

(a). Bangalore
(b). Bhopal
(c). Mumbai
(d). Haridwar

Question 15. Where is the best species of teak found in Chhattisgarh?

(a). Khursel valley
(b). Keshkal valley
(c). Pinjarin valley
(d). Darbha valley

Multiple choice objective question

Question 16. Where is the sugarcane industry in Chhattisgarh established?

(a). Ramhepur, Karkabhat, Arasmeta
(b). Ramhepur, Harinchapra, Arasmeta
(c). Ramhepur, Barmkela, Lamni
(d). Ramhepur, Karkabhat, Kerta

Question 17. In which river is the biggest waterfall of Chhattisgarh located?

(a). Mahanadi
(b). Seonath river
(c). Pairi river
(d). Indrawati river

Question 18. Which district is the largest producer of iron ore in Chhattisgarh?

(a). Baster
(b). Balod
(c). Durg
(d). Dantewada

Question 19. Which item has highest contribution in exports of India in the year 2019-20?

(a). Iron and steel
(b). Petroleum products
(c). Pearl and precious stones
(d). Readymade garments

Question 20. Which year has negative growth rate in SGDP of CG during 2016-17 to 2020-21 period?

(a). 2016-17
(b). 2017-18
(c). 2018-19
(d). 2020-21

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CG Vyapam (FI) current affairs

Question 21. Whose share is increasing in total GVA of India at current prices during 2014-15 to 2017-18 period?

(a). Agricultural crops
(b). Livestock
(c). Forestry and logging
(d). Fisheries

Question 22. As per the Forest Report of India, what is the total geographical forest cover of India?

(a). 21.56%
(b). 23.56%
(c). 24.56%
(d). 25.56%

Question 23. What is the rank of Chhattisgarh in State electric houses average production in all as per Central Electricity Authority, New Delhi Report in financial year 2020-21 up to October 2020?

(a). First
(b). Second
(c). Third
(d). Fourth

Question 24. Who will not be member of committee constituted for fixing minimum support prices of the agricultural crops?

(a). Agricultural Minister
(b). Representatives
(c). Economist
(d). Government representatives

Question 25. For which crop of this State has been awarded Krishi Karman Award in the year 2020?

(a). Paddy
(b). Maize
(c). Food grains
(d). Horticulture

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MCQ 26-30

Question 26. What is the trend of growth of rate of manufacturing sector in GSDP of Chhattisgarh during 2017-18 to 2020-21 period?

(a). Increasing
(b). Decreasing
(c). Constant
(d). None of these

Question 27. Who has introduced Prime Minister Gram Sadak Yojana?

(a). Shri Narendra Modi
(b). Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee
(c). Sri Rajeev Gandhi
(d). Smt. Indira Gandhi

Question 28. Which inflation index is released by NSO in India?

(a). Consumer Price Index – Combined
(b). Consumer Price Index – Industrial workers
(c). Consumer Price Index – Agricultural labourers
(d). Consumer Price Index – Rural labourers

Question 29. What is the minimum support price of ordinary paddy in Chhattisgarh for the year 2021?

(a). Rs. 1868 per quintal
(b). Rs. 1950 per quintal
(c). Rs. 1960 per quintal
(d). Rs. 2840 per quintal

Question 30. Which Caribbean island became Republic country in November, 2021?

(a). Cuba
(b). Antigua
(c). Barbados
(d). Bahamas

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