CG RAEO 2023 Syllabus

CG RAEO 2023 Syllabus with discussion

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History of agricultural development
Agricultural related revolutions. Area, production and productivity of different crops, fertilizer consumption, irrigation in India and Chhattisgarh. National and international agricultural research organizations in India and Chhattisgarh.


Definition, scope and importance and its relationship with other sciences. Agro-climatic zones of India and Chhattisgarh. Classification of crops. Factors affecting crop production. Tillage, cropping system, farming system. Crop rotation and crop diversification. Sustainable agriculture. Rainfed framing and dry farming. Agronomical methods of water conservation. Contingent plans for aberrant weather conditions. Package of practices of field crops: Origin, geographic distribution, economic importance, soil and climatic requirement, varieties, cultural practices, irrigation, fertilization, weeding, insect-pests and disease management of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, major fiber crops, major forage crops and cash crops.

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Water management

Irrigation: Definition and objectives, water resources and irrigation development in India and Chhattisgarh. Soil plant and water relationship. Methods of soil moisture estimation. Evapo-transpiration and crop water requirement. Effective rainfall, scheduling of irrigation, methods of irrigation, measurement of irrigation water. Irrigation efficiency and water use efficiency. Water requirement of different crops. Watershed management: Definition and concept. Drainage: Importance and methods.

Agricultural meteorology and crop physiology

Agricultural meteorology

Definition, scope and practical utility. Atmosphere, its composition and properties. Weather and climate, global warming, cyclones and anti-cyclones. Weather hazards.

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Crop physiology

Seed physiology, physiological maturity, harvestable maturity. Seed viability and vigor: Germination, crop water relations. Transpiration, photosynthesis, respiration. Plant Growth Regulators. C3 and C4 plants.

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Entomology and Pathology

Morphology, systematics and ecology of insects (major cereals, pulses and oilseeds of Chhattisgarh). Integrated Pest Management and beneficial insects. Store grain pests and storage structure. Plant pathogens and their classification. Introductory Neonatology.

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