CG RHEO Previous Year Questions: 01

CG Vyapam RHEO Previous Year Questions: 2016

This page includes mcq (multiple choice objective questions) RHEO (Rural Horticulture Extension Officer) 2016 entrance exam.

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RHEO previous year questions

Question 01. Where is the Central Potato Research Institute situated?

(a). Lucknow
(b). Bhopal
(c). Jammu
(d). Shimla

Question 02. Where is CIAE (Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering) situated?

(a). Bhopal
(b). New Delhi
(c). Raipur
(d). Pantnagar

Question 03. When was Indra Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya Raipur (C.G.) established?

(a). 1967
(b). 1977
(c). 1987
(d). 1997

Question 04. What is the optimum drying temperature for onion and garlic?

(a). 30-40 °C
(b). 100-110 °C
(c). 125-130 °C
(d). 60-65 °C

Question 05. What is the suitable storage temperature for potato?

(a). -1 °C
(b). 10 to 12 °C
(c). 15 to 20 °C
(d). 1.5 to 4 °C

Question 06. How is moisture removed in the process of drying vegetables?

(a). Using artificial heat
(b). Without using artificial heat
(c). With and without artificial heat
(d). Using irradiation technology

Question 07. How is the size of tomato fruit determined?

(a). Equatorial diameter
(b). Polar diameter
(c). Weight
(d). None of the above

Question 08. What is the optimum condition for curing of sweat potato before storage?

(a). 15-20 °C temperature and 90-95% RH
(b). 30-32 °C temperature and 85-90% RH
(c). 15-20 °C temperature and 60-70% RH
(d). 30-32 °C temperature and 50-60% RH

Question 09. How is the size of mango fruit determined?

(a). Polar diameter
(b). Equatorial diameter
(c). Weight
(d). None of the above

Question 10. What is the basic of the grading of fruits?

(a). Size of fruits
(b). Weight of fruits
(c). Specific gravity of fruits
(d). All of the above

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RHEO 2016 Questions

Question 11. What is the meaning of blanching?

(a). Filtration
(b). Enzyme inactivation
(c). Enzyme activation
(d). None of the above

Question 12. In which category can we use sterilization?

(a). Fruits
(b). Vegetables
(c). Both a and b
(d). Flowers

Question 13. What is the meaning of in-situ method of storage?

(a). Early harvest and storage
(b). Delayed harvest and storage
(c). Delayed harvest without storage until produce is required
(d). Timely harvest and storage

Question 14. What is the meaning of asepsis in fruit and vegetable preservation?

(a). Prevention from microorganisms
(b). Removal of microorganisms
(c). Killing of microorganisms
(d). Hindering growth of microorganisms

Question 15. What is the storage temperature for fruits and vegetables depending upon perishability?

(a). -1 to 13 °C
(b). 10 to 15 °C
(c). 7 to 13 °C
(d). 15 to 18 °C

CG RHEO questions

Question 16. Which is the pre-treatment method for drying of vegetables?

(a). Blanching
(b). Sulfuring
(c). Blanching and sulfuring
(d). Oxidation

Question 17. What are the specific pre-harvest factors affecting vase life of cut flowers?

(a). Enviromental factors
(b). Agronomic factors
(c). Genetic factors
(d). All of the above

Question 18. Which of the following vegetables has greater length of storage?

(a). Cabbage
(b). Onion
(c). Watermelon
(d). Cucumber

Question 19. According to USDA, which of the following is considered as highest grade in oranges?

(a). US No. 1 Bright
(b). US Fancy
(c). US No. 1 Golden
(d). US No. 1 Bronze

Question 20. Which one is the tool for grading of vegetables?

(a). Near Infra Red (NIR)
(b). Spectroscopy
(c). Color charts
(d). All of the above

Rural Horticulture Extension Officer Questios

Question 21. Which of the following is a solar drier?

(a). Oven
(b). Forced Air Dehydrator
(c). Tent Drier
(d). None of the above

Question 22. What shoul be the finished product of leafy vegetables after drying?

(a). Very dark green colour
(b). Whitish colour
(c). Light yellow colour
(d). Pale yellow colour

Question 23. Which one is the main component pulsing treatment of flowers?

(a). Sugar
(b). Plant growth regulators
(c). Plant growth retardants
(d). None of the above

Question 24. Which of the following lamp is used for increasing photo period in green house?

(a). Fluorescent
(b). HID
(c). CFL
(d). LED

Question 25. Which variety of cucumber is suitable for cultivation under protected cultivation?

(a). Dioecious
(b). Andromonoecious
(c). Monoecious
(d). Gynoecious

CG Vyapam questions

Question 26. What is the maximum gutter length for fan pad system?

(a). 22 meter
(b). 36 meter
(c). 42 meter
(d). 46 meter

Question 27. A green house is constructed against the side of an existing building. Which type of green house is this?

(a). Lean to green house
(b). Even span green house
(c). Uneven span green house
(d). Saw tooth green house

Question 28. What is the best orientation for green house?

(a). North – South
(b). North – West
(c). South – East
(d). South – West

Question 29. What is the full form of NET?

(a). Null Fertilizer Technology
(b). Nutrient Film Technique
(c). Neutron Film Technique
(d). New Fertilizer Technique

Question 30. How is the Relative Humidity in green house measured?

(a). Salometer
(b). Anemometer
(c). Hygrometer
(d). Hypometer

Horticulture MCQ

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Question 31. Which of the following equipment is used in green house to generate CO2?

(a). Carbon dioxide generator
(b). Carbon dioxide combustor
(c). Carbon dioxide producer
(d). Carbon dioxide desicator

Question 32. What is the effect of pruning in cucurbits in green house?

(a). Horizontal growth
(b). Bushy growth
(c). Vertical growth
(d). None of the above

Question 33. Which instrument is used in green house for making the soluble salt determination?

(a). Solution bridge
(b). pH meter
(c). Conductivity meter
(d). Chromatography meter

Question 34. Which thermostat is used in green house for controlling temperature?

(a). Bimetallic strip
(b). Thermistor
(c). Intelligent
(d). Bimetallic

Question 35. Which of the following green houses are classified according to construction?

(a). Wooden framed structures
(b). Pipe framed structures
(c). Wooden and pipe framed structures
(d). None of the above

RHEO: Protected cultivation mcq

Question 36. Which type of green house is most suitable for hilly areas?

(a). Ridge and furrow
(b). Lean to
(c). Quonset
(d). Uneven span

Question 37. What is the wavelength of PAR?

(a). 350-650 nm
(b). 375-675 nm
(c). 400-700 nm
(d). 425-725 nm

Question 38. What should be the direction of poly houses?

(a). South-North direction
(b). West-East direction
(c). East-West direction
(d). Any direction

Question 39. Why is ventilation required for green house during winter months?

(a). Humidification
(b). Dehumidification
(c). Fertigation
(d). None of the above

Question 40. Which kind of tomato variety should be selected for cultivation in green house?

(a). Determinate
(b). Semi-determinate
(c). Indeterminate
(d). Determinate and indeterminate


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