Community Fencing Scheme Department of Horticulture

Community Fencing Scheme Department of Horticulture

Community Fencing Scheme is a government scheme. It related with the department of Horticulture. It is very good scheme for marginal and small farmers.

A community fencing fence


  • ST.
  • SC.
  • OBC.

Fields of more than 3 farmers of same caste/category. The lands of each farmers should be at one place.


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Fencing Equipment

  • Iron Chan linked fence.
  • Cement poles.

Fencing materials may be different.

Necessary papers

  • Land records.
  • Adhar card.
  • Nivas praman.
  • Bank details.
  • Panchayat prastav.

Land record should have name of the farmer. There should be minimum land requirement which is 0.250 ha.

Bank passbook should have name of the farmer.

Adhar card should have name of the farmer.

Nivas should have address of the farmer. Nivas is residential record.

Panchayat prastav is compulsory. It is necessary for registration.

*Note: Details of each papers should match or verify each other.

Contact person

Contact person

Village level

Contact to Rural Hortiulture Extension Officer (RHEO).

To know more about RHEO – Go here

Regional level

Contact to Hortiulture Development Officer (HDO)

Block level

Contact to Senior Horticulture Development Officer (SHDO)

To know more about SHDO – Go here

Dist. level

Contact to Assist Director of Hortiulture

To know more about ADH – Go here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. How much money farmers have to pay?

Answer: This scheme is based on subsidy. But, most of the time they don’t have to pay more money.

Question 02. Can I alone avail the benefit of this scheme?

Answer: No, as name suggests, you can’t avail the benefit of this scheme alone.

Question 03. Where to go for complain if pole materials are of low quality?

Answer: You can directly contact to the officers of the same department.

Question 04. Is there any similar scheme from central government?

Answer: Yes, but not in every states.

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  1. Bhanwar Singh Chauhan avatar
    Bhanwar Singh Chauhan

    What are the rules of farm fancing in Rajasthan for getting subsidy ?

    1. Please contact Agricultural/Horticulture department of your district.

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