Components of Advanced Agriculture

Components of advanced agriculture

What is advanced agriculture?

Advanced agriculture is a part of modern day agriculture. Traditional agriculture uses  old technique of farming. Modern day farming is very advance. High tech agriculture uses the modern scientific technologies.

(1). Characteristics
(2). Components
(3). F. A. Q.

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(1). Characteristics of advanced agriculture

  • High investment.
  • Best management practices.
  • More marketing.
  • Large scale farming.
  • Protected cultivation.
  • High yield.

1.1 High investment

  • Farm equipments.
  • Plant protection measures.
  • Planting materials.
  • Investment on land.

1.2 Best management practices

  • Effective pest management strategies.
  • Highly efficient irrigation system.
  • Adoption of best fertigation methods.
  • Excellent post harvest management practices.

1.3 More marketing

  • This type of agriculture focuses on marketing strategies.
  • Production is easy but marketing is difficult.
  • Modern agriculture gives equal importance to marketing.

1.4 Large scale farming

  • Farming is done in large scale.
  • In case of large scale farming, crop pattern is mono cropping.

1.5 Protected cultivation

  • This requires more investment.
  • It is highly suitable for horticultural crops.

1.6 High yield

  • Per unit area yield is very high.

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(2). Components of Advanced Agriculture and Farming

  • High tech nurseries.
  • Hybrid seed.
  • Drip irrigation.
  • Mulching.
  • Propagation chamber.
  • Green house.
  • Shadenet.
  • Polyhouse.
  • RAS.
  • IPM.
  • IDM.

2.1 High tech nurseries

A high tech nursery should have following facilities:

  • Propagation chamber.
  • Drip irrigation system.
  • Spray irrigation system.
  • Green house.
  • Source of modern farm power.
  • Modern farm machinery.
  • Cold storage.

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2.2 Hybrid seed

Components of hybrid seed:

  • High yield varieties.
  • Varieties resistant to various species of pests.

2.3 Drip irrigation system

Components of drip irrigation system:

  • Submersible pump set.
  • Solar panel system.

Spray irrigation system

  • A spray irrigation system itself is a part of a greenhouse.
  • It generates fog.
  • The system is also an important part of propagation chamber.

2.4 Mulching

Components of mulching (types of mulching)

  • Plastic mulch.

2.5 Propagation chamber

Components of propagation chamber are as follows:

  • Fogger.
  • Artificial light.

2.6 Green house

A modern day green house should have following components:

  • Modern ventilation system.
  • Drip irrigation system.
  • Fogger system.
  • Artificial light system.
  • Renewable source of energy.
  • Environmental control system.
  • Soil surface heater.

2.7 Shadenet

Components of a shadenet house are as follows:

  • Drip irrigation system.
  • Mulch.
  • Fogger system.

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2.8 Polyhouse

Components of a polyhouse are as follows:

  • Drip irrigation system.
  • Mulch.
  • Fogger system.
  • Exhaust fan.

2.9 RAS (Component of fish farming)

2.10 Major components of RAS

  • Aqua filter system.
  • Modern fish tank.

2.11 IPM

Components of IPM

  • Mechanical pest control.
  • Chemical pest control.
  • Biological pest control.

2.12 IDM

  • Mechanical disease control.
  • Chemical disease control.
  • Biological disease control.

F. A. Q.

Question 01. Is high tech agriculture risky?

Answer: Yes, high tech agriculture or farming is very risky. Success in high tech farming is difficult.

Question 02. How to establish a modern farm with a low budget?

Answer: There are many government schemes. Subsidy ranges from 50 – 70%.

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