Contagious Diseases of Cattle

The contagious diseases of cattle are caused by bacteria, virus, and fungi.

Contagious diseases of cattle and other animals

Contagious diseases

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01. List of bacterial diseases

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List of bacterial diseases

All deadly diseases of cattle are caused by bacteria. These are very difficult to spot by naked eyes. Here is the list of contagious diseases caused by bacteria:

S.N.Name of bacterial diseasesCauseShort description
1.Haemorrgaigic Septicaemia (गलघोंटू)Posteurella boviseptica1. It is an acute contagious disease of cattle
2. The disease may occur sporadically under any condition
3. Swollen tongue is the characteristic symptom
4. Prevention is a better option
2.Infectious broncho-pneumonia of lambsPast Ovi Septica1. It is an acute pneumonia
2. Symptom of anorexia
3. Treatment is similar to H.S.
3.Swine PlagueComplications1. It is sporadic
2. Major symptom is pneumonia and red spots on skin
3. Treatment is similar to H.S.
4.Antrax (विष ज्वर)Bacillus anthracisIt is an acute infectious disease commonly affecting Zerbivora maiy cattle and sheep which is characterised by high fiver, rapid course, sudden death and greatly enlarged spleen.
Very important: This disease might transmit to human.
5.Black Quarter or BQClostridium chauvoeiB.Q. is an acute febrile disease of cattle. It is characterised by emphysematous and swelling in the heavy muscles. In badly infected areas the disease may be prevented by periodical vaccination of stock, especially before the onset of rains.
6.Pneumonia or Inflammation of lungsCombination of bacteria and virusInflammation of the animal lungs with consolidation of bacteria and virus. High fever, pain in the chest and cough are the major symptoms. Calf pneumonia, and broncho pneumonia are the two different types of pneumina. Terramycin, Octim bolus, bacline tablet, etc. are antibiotics.
S.N.Name of bacterial diseasesShort description

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