Cu_mulus Cloud Identification

Cu_mulus Cloud Identification


Cu_mulus = A heap.

A type of thick white cloud

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What is Cu_mulus?

It is a low altitude or low level cloud which is known for producing little or no rain.

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How to identify a cu_mulus cloud?

You can identify it easily

  • Can be seen during any season.
  • It will appear as a heap of cotton.
  • It will not produce any rain.
  • It will cover a small portion of sky as a single appearance.

What are the major characteristics of a this cloud?

The characteristics of these clouds are as follows:

  • It is a white cloud.
  • The cloud is fuzzy.
  • It appears in low level.
  • Little shower or no rains.
  • It doesn’t produce thunderstorm of hailstorm.
  • A vertical cu_mulus cloud is transition between cu_mulus and cu_mulonimbus.

Which is the cloud similar to cu_mulus?

Cu_mulus congestus cloud is similar to cu_mulus. Although it is a vertical cloud, and also it is a transition between cu_mulus and cu_mulonimbus.

How these clouds are formed?

The formation of the these clouds is very simple.

  • Evaporation.
  • Convection.

Water evaporates > Vapor travels to upward > water condensing occurs > gathering of clouds may produce rain.

What are the importance of these clouds?

There is no significant importance of cu_mulus cloud from the view of agriculture.

Although, it is one of the very beautiful cloud to watch when their is a blue sky.

What are other low level clouds?

Cu_mulus is a low level cloud, the other low level clouds are as follows:

  • Nimbostratus.
  • Stratus cloud.

Can we see this cloud during winter months?

  • Yes, it can be seen in all seasons.

How does it form, vertically or horizontally?

  • Single or cluster.

What is the altitude of Cumulus Clouds?

  • The altitude is 200 to 2000 m.

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