Dairy farming tips

Dairy farming tips: Fundamentals of dairy farming

There are some basic fundamentals of goat farming. We have to know about these basic principles to get success in goat farming business. This post describes some fundamental rules or tops of dairy farming. Read these important points carefully from start to last to manage your farm properly.

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Fundamentals of dairy farming

Tips 01-07

01. Buying farm animals

  • Buy high quality breed of cow, e.g., Gir or Sahiwal.
  • Avoid inferior breeds.
  • Don’t buy from a local market.

02. Selection

  • Follow age judging method during purchase.
  • Select healthy and vigorous animal.
  • Ask them for vaccination record.
  • Always prefer vaccinated animals.
  • Your farm animals should be of same breed.
  • Don’t keep old female goats. Replace them with young animals.

03. Vaccination programme

Vaccination is necessary against the following diseases:

  • Foot and mouth diseases.
  • Anthrax.
  • Follow vaccination schedule.
  • Go to the department of animal husbandry.
  • Meet with veterinary officers.
  • Register your issue.

04. Cattle feed or fodder management

  • Don’t serve green fodder in very excess amount, it can cause afra or swelling of abdomen due to gas.
  • Include legume fodder.
  • A balanced ration includes green fodder as well as concentrate.
  • Make a pasture.
  • Grow fodder crops is all season.
  • Kharif season fodder crops:
  • Rabi season fodder crops:
  • Perennial fodder crops:
  1. Dip the animal feed in water before serving the goat during the summer season. It will supply necessary moisture.

Never change the animal feed very fast. To change it, mix the new feed with 50% of old feed.

  1. Feed them during the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  2. Regularly keep the feeders.

Steps: 08-10

  1. Disease management

Identification of some very important diseases


  • Monitor for diseases.
  • Separate the infected animals from health animals.
  • Contact to any veterinary officer.
  • Don’t try to treat by yourself.

Use one of the following thing to disinfect the farm:

Lime or calcium carbonate.

Spray lime powder on the surface of the door of farm house to avoid contamination and infection.

  1. Do you know about derworming?

What is deworming?

Derworming is a process of killing the harmful worms inside the body of an animal. Worms are the major problem in dairy farming. They can make sick to any farm animal. 

Formulations of medicine

  1. Liquid formulation.
  2. Tablets.

Age of deworming: Don’t deworm young calves. The interval of deworming for adults is 1 month.

  1. Cleaning derworming machine: Don’t use the same derworming machine.

Tips: 11-14

  1. Burry or burn the dead goats.
  2. Make a separate room for diseased animals.
  3. Care of young kids: Special care is required for young kids during the winter season. Death rate is high due to improper management.
  4. Define a separate place for the young calves and their mothers.

Tips: 15-23

  1. Breeding of farm animals
  2. Keep only one best quality bull for a farm.
  3. Castrate other animals to avoid loss in quality.
  4. Don’t keep old bull in farm.
  5. Always keep vigorous and very healthy bu for breeding purpose.
  6. Do regular inspection.
  7. Kid born during winter season are good.
  8. Mother goat should be healthy.
    Keep indigenous breeds of female for breed improvement.
  9. Keep breeding record of female bull and heifer.

Tips: 24-26

  1. Always feed the animals with balanced food materials.
  2. Provide sufficient light during the day.
  3. Sunlight is very necessary for kids.

Tips: 27-30

  1. Do proper light management.
  2. Design your farm in such a way that it get maximum sunlight.
  3. Design your farm in such a way that it get maximum air.
  4. Hence, make it fully ventilated. Proper ventilation avoids many diseases. Again, do regular monitoring of all animals during the morning and evening.

Tips: 31-32

  1. Keep the temperature of a goat house below 90°F.
  2. Paint the roof of goat house with white colour paint.

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