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(1). Agriculture after 12th

Entrance Exam

Students have to clear PAT or Pre Agriculture Test.

Syllabus or Subject

There are 3 major subject:

  • Crop production.
  • Animal husbandry and poultry farming.
  • Elements of agricultural science and mathematics.

How much percentage is necessary in 12th to be eligible for Pre Agriculture Test?

Answer: There is minimum or maximum requirements. Although, you should have cleared 12th.

Is coaching required?

Answer: No.

You will get admission in an agricultural college after securing a good rank in PAT.

Higher Education: B. Sc. Agriculture

B. Sc. Agriculture is a 4-years degree programme.

Job: Agriculture Officer and Horticulture Officer and others.

Ask questions through mailbox.


(2). Diseases of Mushroom

Fungal diseases:

  • Dry bubble.
  • False truffle.
  • Wet bubble.
  • Cobweb.

Bacterial diseases

  • Brown blotch.
  • Mummy diseases.

Virus diseases

Drying pinhead dry.
Although, piphead drying is a cause of direct sunlight.

Dry bubble:

  • Control flies.
  • Use salt.

False truffle:

  • Maintain low temperature.
  • Sanitation.

Wet bubble

  • Use benomyl @ 0.95 pe square meter.


  • Use chlorothalonil.

Brown blotch:

  • Maintain humidity.
  • Humidity should be low.
  • Use 150 ppm chlorine solution.

Mummy diseases

  • Maintain good hygiene.

Virus diseases

  • Remove affected mushrooms.

(3). Dwarf coconut

Dwarf coconut is a type of coconut variety.


  • Early fruiting.
  • Fruiting at very low height.

(4). GM Potato

GM Potato is the genetically modified species/cultivar of potato. The technology used behind it, is known as “Genetic Engineering”. It is a technology used to modify the genomic(gene) sequence in a plant. The technology is applied in the field of Plant Breeding and Genetic Engineering.

Type:Genetically Modified Potato.

Uses:Research and Food Industries.
Tech. Used: Genetic engineering.

Related Field: Plant Breeding.


  • To develop pests resistant varieties.
  • Altering some chemicals (useful to crops).
  • To produce large amount of starch (industrial use).

(5). KCC

Kisan Call Centre

Full form: Kisan Call Centre.
Scheme: Government.
Type: Farmer’s consultant.
Purpose: Loan to farmers.
Toll Free Number: 1800 – 180 – 1551

Kisan Credit Card

It is a scheme by government.
A farmers can get small loan for agriculture or farming purpose.
Related bank is Gramin Bank.
Contact: Department of Agriculture and Gramin Bank.

(6). Low Risk Agri Businesses

(Main post: Low risk agribusiness)


Production of vermicompost.
Mushroom cultivation.

(7). Mango Malformation

It is a major malady of mango in India.


  • Environmental factors.
  • Mites.
  • Virus and fungi (F. moniliforme).


  • Remove affected shoots.
  • Use fungicides and plant growth regulators, e.g., 200 ppm of NAA.

(8). Production of Button Mushroom

Method and materials

  • Mushroom spawn.
  • Wheat straw.
  • FYM (casing).
  • Temperature should be low.

Procedure: Prepare casing, then do spawning.

(9). Production of oyster mushroom

(Main post: Online training oyster mushroom)

Method and materials

  • Mushroom spawn.
  • Wheat straw.
  • FYM (casing).
  • Temperature and humidity should be high.


  • Cut the paddy straw in small pieces.
  • Soak the straw in water.
  • Dry the water-treated straw in shade.
  • Moisture of straw should be 70%.
  • Do spawning by mixing the spawn with paddy straw.

(10). Summer Season Flowering Plants


  • Kochia.
  • Sun plant.
  • Petunia.
  • Celosia.
  • Zinnia.
  • Candytuft.
  • Hollyhock.
  • Sweet alyssum.
  • Aster china.
  • Cosmos.
  • Calendula.
  • Gaillardia.
  • Carnation.
  • Indian pink.
  • Nigella.

(11). Tarpaulin Fish Tank

It is a type of artificial fish farming.
Tarpaulin (polyethylene) sheets are used for fish farming.
It is an intensive way of fish farming.
Fish production is high.

Types of Fish Farming

  • Fish farming in pond.
  • Recirculating Aqua System.
  • Fish farming in tarpaulin tank.
  • Marine aquaculture.

(12). Urigo

  • Urigo is a bio-product.
  • It is obtained from earth worm.
  • Urigo is the urine of earth worm.


  • Take a drum of 70 – 100 l.
  • Do a hole at the surface.
  • Make a 3 inch layer of sand.
  • Make thick layer of FYM and agricultural waste.
  • Release earthworms.
  • Fix a container just below the hole of the drum to receive urigo.

(13). Varieties of GM Potato

2.1 Innate GM Potato

It was approved by USDA (United State Department of Agriculture) ans USFDA.

Came in market in 2014-2015.

It was developed by John Richard Simplot Company.

Developed against: blackspot, bruising and browning.

GE Technology: RNA interference.

It is used for food purpose.

Currently it is being marketed.

New Leaf

It was the first genetically modified Potato by Monsanto.

Developed against Colorado potato beetle.

The technology is B. thuringiensis.

Currently, it is not being produced.


It was developed by Baden Aniline and Soda Factory.

Objective was to produce waxy starch.

Currently, it is not being produced.


(14). नदी कछार एवं तटों पर सब्जी उत्पादन

Season: Summer.
Scheme: Production of vegetable crops.


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