Determinate and Semi-determinate Varieties of Tomato

Main Article: Determinate, Semi-determinate and Indeterminate Varieties of Tomatoes

In this post will know about varieties of tomato wit Determinate, Semi-determinate and the Indeterminate growth habit.


S. No. List of contents
1.Tomato: General Information
2.Determinate Varieties of Tomato
3.Semi-determinate Varieties of Tomato
4.Indeterminate Varieties of Tomato
5.Other Facts

1. Tomato: General Information

Common NameTomato
Hindi NameTamatar (टमाटर)
Scientific NameSolanum lycopersicum L.
Chromosome Number2n = 24
TypeVegetable and table purpose
ClassificationCommon tomato, cherry tomato, tree tomato.

2. Determinate Varieties of Tomato

The determinate varieties of tomato are the type of variety that grow to a certain height, with secondary branches being little or very few. The characteristic feature of this variety is that growth stops after flowering at the top of the branch.

Some basic features of determinate growth-habit tomato-variety

1. High Density Planting.

2. Low water requirement.

3. Limited life cycle.

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S. No.VarietiesFeatures
1.Sioux1. High yielding.
2. It is dwarf american variety.
3. Yield is about 200 – 250 q/ha.
2.Pusa Red Plum1. It is cross between cultivated and wild tomato.
2. Small fruits borne in clusters.
3. It is an early variety used for table purpose.
3.Pusa Red Dwarf1. It is also an early variety.
2. It is the result of cross between improved meeruti and red cloud.
3. Yield is about 400 q/ha.
4.Pusa Ruby 1. It is an early variety.
2. Fruits are medium sized.
3. Fruits ripe uniformly.
4. Yield is about 350 q/ha.
5.HS1101. It is selected from an exotic line.
2. The plant bears large fruits.
3. Leaves are similar to potato.

3. Semi-determinate Varieties of Tomato

The semi-determinate varieties of tomatoes have the mixed quality of determinate and indeterminate varieties. The basic feature is medium growth habit with potential yield per acre.

Examples of Semi-determinate Varieties of tomato

S. No.Name of the varietyFeatures
1.Arka Saurabh1. The plant bears medium sized fruits.
2. Suitable for ketchup.
2.Arka Ahuti1. It is a pure line selection from Ottawa-60.
2. TSS is 5.25%.
3.Arka Abha1. It is a also a pure line selection.
2. It is resistant to BW.
3. Yield is about 250 q/ha.
4.Hisar Lalit1. It is the cross between HS101 and RB.
2. It is resistant to root-knot nematode.

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4. Indeterminate varieties of tomato

The indeterminate-growth-varieties of tomatoes are the varieties those height is not fixed. Thus, their growth and flowering-fruiting continues, simultaneously. The number of secondary branches is more.  The biggest feature of this is that after the flowering in the top branches, growth does not stop, but it continues. In this way, other new branches come out with flowering and flowering continues.

Cultivation technique

1. Stalking is used in cultivation.

2. Mulching is also very important.


1. Per acre production is higher than the other varieties.

2. Suitable for polyhouse.

Examples of indeterminate varieties

1. Co 2

  1. It is selection from a Russian introduction.
  2. Ripe fruit could is orange-red.
  3. Yield is about 250 – 300 q/ha.

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Other facts

  1. Tree Tomato is known as tamarillo. It’s scientific name is S. betaceum Cav.
  2. PKM is an induced mutant from local variety Annaji.
  3. Payout is suitable for ravinder agriculture.
  4. Narendra Tomato 1 is also known as NDT 5.
  5. Arka Meghwali is a new variety of tomato.

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