Earthworm Bioproduct: Urigo and Vermicompost

Earthworm Bioproduct: Urigo and Vermicompost

What is urigo?

Urigo is an organic bioproduct of earthworm which is an excellent source of organic manure. The earthworms don’t have urinary tract, that’s why they extract liquid matters through their cutaneous surface. This is the urine of earthworm. In this post we will know about Earthworm Bioproduct Urigo and Vermicompost.

(1). What is the importance of urigo?
(2). How to prepare urigo?
(3). How this system works?
(4). How to use it?

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(1). What is the importance of urigo?

The excessive use of chemical fertilizers has led to reconsider about the model of use of chemical fertilizers, year-around. There is a need to replace the excessive use of chemical fertizers with organic fertilizers.

  • The liquid has plant growth substances.
  • It also has disease resistant properties against the fungi.

(2). How to prepare urigo?

Method and materials

  • A drum which has a water holding capacity of 70 – 100 l.
  • Stand: A stand which can hold that drum.
  • A water tub.


Step 01: Selection of the place

Description: Select a partial shady place.

Step 02: Level the soil surface

Description: It is necessary for the balance of the entire units.

Step 03: Fix the stand as shown in picture

Description: Simply place the stand.

Step 04: Make a hole on the surface of the drum

Description: Make a small whole.

Step 05: Place the drum on the stand

Description: Properly balance it.

Step 06: Fix a water tub just beneath the hole of the drum

Step 07: Place first layer

Description: Make first layer inside the drum by using sand. The thickness of the layer should be 3 inches.

Step 08: Place second layer

Description: Make second layer over the first layer by using compost. The  thickness of the compost layer depend on the amount of compost available.

Step 09: Release earthworms

Description: Release some earthworms. Species is Eseniafetida.

Step 10: Watering

Description: Wait for 10 to 15 days. Pour one litre of water on the surface of compost. Store it in water tub.

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(3). How this system works?

Earthworms start their biological activity inside the compost. Their up and down traveling activities create longitudinal holes in compost.

During its movement, a earthworm releases urigo which adhere to the surface of the longitudinal holes.

Poured water enters into these holes eventually mixing with the bioproduct.

One litre of water solves 900 ml of urigo in it.

(4). How to use it?

Mix 900 ml of urigo in 10 liter of water to use as an organic material in all type of plants.

For: Earthworm Bioproduct: Urigo and Vermicompost

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