Easiest way of top working in mango

Easiest way of top working in mango

What is top working in mango?

Top working in mango is the method of rejuvenation of an old mango tree. Also read: The Best Time For Grafting in Mango.

(1). Objectives
(2). Benefits
(3). Requirement
(4). Easiest way of top working in mango for you

(1). Objectives of top working in mango

(1.1). To rejuvenate the old mango tree.
(1.2). To rejuvenate the unproductive mango tree.
(1.3). To get more yield per tree.
(1.4). To improve fruit quality.

  • Rejuvenation of old mango tree whether it is seedling or a grafted tree.
  • Rejuvenate the unproductive tree whether it is seedling  or a graft.
  • After top working, the tree will produce more fruits as compare to seedling tree.
  • Seedling tree produces inferior quality fruits, but it will produce the best quality fruits after the top working.

(2). Benefits

  • High yield.
  • Best quality fruits.

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(3). Requirement

Unproductive mango trees: Many mango trees are unproductive. There are many reasons of a mango tree being unproductive.

Seedling mango trees: Seedling mango trees are of inferior quality. These are very common. There is a large number of seedling mango trees around us.

Old mango trees: A mango tree is productive for up to 40 years. It is the commercial age of any mango tree, after that a mango losses its production capability year by year.

Faulty grafting: We use quality grafting materials to get more production. A quality graft consists best quality rootstock and scion. Many times a grafted plant consists water sprout (scion) which is responsible for the unproductive mango tree.

Conversion of inferior trees into superior varieties of proven performance, not only improves orchard performance, but increase the income from mango trees in the shortest time.

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(4). Easiest way of top working in mango for you

Steps in top working in mango tree

Follow these steps:

Step 01: Select a tree

  • Select an unproductive tree.
  • It can be an old tree.

Step 02: Wait for right time

Method 2.1: Heading back main stub

  • Head back the unproductive tree during February – March.
  • Use saw to perform it.
  • Left 2 –  3 feet long stub.

Method 2.2: Heading back main branches ( follow this method)

  • Head back the main branches during February – March.
  • Use saw to perform it.
  • Left 2 – 3 feet long branches.

*Note: Always treat the cut end with bordeaux mixture.

Step 03: Selection of the new shoots

  • Many shoots emerge within a short time below stubs.
  • Select 2 – 3 vigorous shoots.
  • Remove the rest shoots.

Step 04: Top working

Use one of the following method for  top working:

4.1: Side grafting in mango
4.2: Veneer grafting in mango

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