Elementary Plant Biochemistry MCQ

MCQ on elementary plant biochemistry

Read MCQ on elementary plant biochemistry.

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Plant Biochemistry MCQ

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Question 01. Which is true about monosaccharides?

  1. It is non-crystalline
  2. It is soluble in water
  3. They may be either aldoses or ketoses
  4. All monosaccharides are non-reducing in nature

(a). Only 1 and 2 are true
(b). Only 2 and 3 are true
(c). Only 3 and 4 are true
(d). All are true

Question 02. Which is true about oligosaccharides?

  1. Contain 2-10 monosaccharides joined by glycosidic bonds
  2. It is lassified into disaccharide, trisaccharide, tetrasaccharide and pentasaccharide depend­ing upon the number of monosaccharides
  3. Some of them are reducing and some of them are non reducing in nature.

(a). Only 1 is true
(b). Only 1 and 3 are true
(c). Only 1 and 2 are true
(d). All are true

Question 03. Which of the following is a source of polysaccharide?

(a). Onion
(b). Garlic
(c). Banana
(d). All of the above

Question 04. Which is truly matched?

Common name of minor fatty acids and Systematic name of minor fatty acid

(a). Capric: Decanoic
(b). Butyric: Octanoic
(c). Caprylic: Hexanoic
(d). Caproic: Decanoic

Question 05. The carotenoids absorb light in the range

(a). 400-500 nm
(b). 300-450 nm
(c). 100-150 nm
(d). 500-700 nm

Plant Biotechnology MCQ

Question 06. What is the physiological effect of brassinosteroids?

  1. Promotion of ethylene biosynthesis by stimulating ACC synthase activity
  2. Promotion of elongation of vegetative tissue in a wide variety of plants at very low concentration
  3. They are powerful promoter of root growth and development (via ethylene).
  4. They enhance resistance to chilling, disease, herbicides and salt stress. 5. Promotion of germination and decrease fruit abortion and drop

(a). Only 1 and 5 are true
(b). All are true except 3
(c). Only 2 and 4 are true
(d). All are true

Question 07. Which is true?

  1. In cereal and leguminous plants, seeds contain comparatively higher amounts of protein than stem, leaves and flowers. 
  2. Vice versa of the option 1
  3. Tuber crops usually contain less amounts of protein in all parts
  4. Vice versa of the option 3

(a). Only 2 and 4 are true
(b). 1, 3 and 4 are true
(c). Only 1 and 3 are true
(d). 2, 3 and 4 are true

Question 08. Which of the following factor affects enzyme?

(a). Substrate concentration
(b). Enzyme concentration
(c). Temperature and pH
(d). All of the above

Question 09. In which food is niacin mainly added?

(a). Wheat flour
(b). Rice
(c). Maize flour
(d). None of the above

Question 10. Who discovered EMP Pathway?

(a). Gustav Embden
(b). Otto Meyerhof
(c). Jakub Karol Parnas
(d). All of the above

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