Fish Farming (Fisheries) MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions

Fish Farming (Fisheries) MCQ

Fish Farming Multiple Choice Questions or MCQ‘. Read Important objective MCQ written on fish Farming. This page is updated..

This page is all about the objective questions from scietific, commercial and non-commercial method of fish farming or rearing.

Questions of this page will be updated with new objective questions.

These questions are important for all Agricultural Competition Exams such as ICAR JRF, SRF, NET, SAU CET, BHU, IBPS AFO etc. Also, these questions are important for the non-agricultural competition exams.

Topic of the post

  • Introduction to fisheries.
  • Indian species of fish.
  • Foreign species of fish.
  • Aquaculture.
  • Fresh water fish farming.
  • Marine fish farming.
  • Intensive fish farming.
  • Ornamental fish farming.
  • Fish production and management.
  • Major institutes in India.
  • Major projects in India.
  • And, other important topics.

Fish Farming Multiple Choice Questions

Question 01. National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources is located at..?

(a). Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.
(b). Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
(c). Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
(d). Bhopal, Bhihar.

See Location of NBFGR on Google Earth

Question 02. Rohu doesn’t breed in..?

(a). Pond ecosystem.
(b). River ecosystem.
(c). Lake ecosystem.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 03. RAS stands for..?

(a). Recirculating aquaculture system.
(b). Recirculating agriculture system.
(c). Recirculation aquaculture system.
(d). Recirculation agriculture system.

Question 04. RAS is a type of home aquaculture system which..?

(a). Reduces CO2 toxicity.
(b). Methane toxicity.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Reduces ammonia toxicity.

Question 05. National Fisheries Development Board was established in the year..?

(a). 1999.
(b). 2011.
(c). 2001.
(d). 2006.

Question 06. Generally, tarpaulin fish tank is a component of..?

(a). Recirculating aquaculture system.
(b). Bio-floc technology.
(c). Both.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 07. The World Fisheries Day is celebrated on..?

(a). 21st November.
(b). 21st December.
(c). 21st October.
(d). 21st February.

Question 08. India’s share of fish production is at least …. of the world fish production per year?

(a). 1/2.
(b). 3/4.
(c). 2/3.
(d). 1/4.

Question 09. The maximum production of fish species in India..?

(a). Rohu.
(b). Migrala.
(c). Catla.
(d). Lanchi.

Question 10. Which is true..?

(a). Catla – another name is Bhakur.
(b). Migrala – another name is Patni.
(c). Lanchi – another name is naim.
(d). Singgi – another name is sting fish.

Question 11. Which is cat fish..?

(a). Clarias batrachus.
(b). Bagarius.
(c). Tanchysurus sona.
(d). Mystus seenghala.

Question 12. Scientific name of mangur is..?

(a). Trichogaster fisciatus.
(b). Clarias batrachus.
(c). Xentodon cancila.
(d). Tanchysurus sona.

Question 13. Which is an ornamental species of fish..?

(a). Catla.
(b). Rohu.
(c). Koi.
(d). Singgi.

Question 14. …. fish live near the surface of the seas or lake?

(a). Coastal.
(b). Deep sea.
(c). Demersal.
(d). Pelagic.

Question 15. Fish meat contain ….% protein?

(a). 40 – 45.
(b). 15 – 25.
(c). 10 – 15.
(d). 25 – 45.

Question 16. Fish production is practiced with..?

(a). Maize crop.
(b). Wheat.
(c). Paddy.
(d). Pulse.

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Question 17. Fish production in sewage pond..?

Ratio of Rohu, Catla and Migrala, respectively….

(a). 1:2:1.
(b). 2:1:1.
(c). 1:1:2.
(d). 2:2:1.

Question 18. Catla is a..?

(a). Mid water feeder.
(b). Surface feeder.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Column feeder.

Question 19. Rohu is a..?

(a). Deep water feeder.
(b). Shore feeder.
(c). Mid water feeder.
(d). Column feeder.

Question 20. Fish are called fry, when..?

(a). They hatch from eggs.
(b). While they are larvae.
(c). When they are capable of feeding themselves.
(d). None of the above.

Question 21. Fingerlings have..?

(a). Scales.
(b). Working fins.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). No working fins, but have scales.

Question 22. Ichthyoplankton is/are..?

(a). Eggs of the fish.
(b). Larvae of the fish.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

Question 23. Which is a foreign species of fish..?

(a). Gold fish.
(b). Nandus.
(c). Nystus.
(d). Lanchi

Question 24. Ideal rice species for paddy-fish farming, which has strong root system is..?

(a). Tulsi.
(b). Panidhan.
(c). Rajarajan.
(d). All of the above.

Question 25. The intensive fish farming system involves small ponds/tanks/raceways with very high stocking density of..?

(a). 10-50 fish/m3 of water.
(b). 20-60 fish/m3 of water.
(c). 5 – 15 fish/m3 of water.
(d). 50 – 75 fish/m3 of water.

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Fish Farming Multiple Choice Questions

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