Floriculture Mock Test

Floriculture Mock Test

This page entitled, ‘FLORICULTURE MOCK TEST’, includes Multiple Choice Questions from the different topics of Floriculture.
Through this page we will provide the different links of Floriculture Online Mock Tests.

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Mock test with and without password.

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Index: Floriculture Mock Test

(1). Types of Mock Tests

1. Floriculture Mock Test Without Password

2. Floriculture Mock Test With Password (Password Protected)

Floriculture Mock Test Without Password

The “Floriculture Mock Test Without Password” means anyone can attempt MCQ (multiple choice questions) without the need of password. These are opened links. Hence, there is no need for the payment.

*NOTE: These tests include 10 – 15 MCQ each test.

Floriculture Mock Test With Password (Password Protected)

The “Floriculture Mock Test With Password (Password Protected)” means you have to pay for the Online Mock Test. Here, you will be sent the link of Online Mock Test (floriculture) after the successful payment. This will be password protected, and will only be visible to that person who has maid payment.

*NOTE: These tests include 50 MCQ each test. There are total 150 MCQ (50+50+50) each test.

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(2) Importance: Floriculture Mock Tests

These tests will help students in/to..
1. Developing habit to manage time.
2. Better understanding of the type of questions (question-patterns or model questions).
3. Revision of the important questions from different topics (floriculture).

Helps in Preparation of:

1. JRF.
2. SRF.
3. NET.
5. BHU.
6. Bank Exams with floriculture-topics.
7. Department related posts e.g., RAEO, SHO, ADH etc.
8. PSC exams with floriculture-topics.
9. Other entrance exams with floriculture-topics.

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(3). Syllabus/Topics of The Subject

Syllabus/Topics of The Subject

Syllabus Part A

Introduction to Floriculture

1. Definition of floriculture,
2. General introduction of different flower crops, e.g., scientific name, family, origin, chromosome number etc.

(4). Links of Floriculture Online Mock Tests

1. Links Without Password.
2. Links Protected With Password.

Links Without Password

S. No. Link(s) Topic(s)  Action

Links Protected With Password.

*Each test require payment of RS 15.00 (fifteen rupees only), and each new payment is eligible for another 150 new sets of MCQ from Floriculture.

*New link will be provided soon..

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